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8 Best Vinyl Cutter for MAC Users in 2023


I hope you will agree with me when I say:

 Finding the best vinyl cutter for MAC is a difficult task to execute. 

Several vinyl cutters are available for sale on the market. Finding MAC compatible vinyl cutter is very difficult since apple products are mostly built differently.

Hence, they require special software to make them compatible with different accessories and machines available.

This article not only recommends the best vinyl cutting machine for MAC but also mentions a buying guide to help you make an easy and ideal purchase.

Keep reading the article and find out about the incredible vinyl cutter reviews.


Things to consider before purchase:

There are several kinds of vinyl cutters available in the market. Choose which cutters matches exactly your requirements by keeping the following factors in consideration:

  • Price: Set a budget and decide upon the factors you are searching for in a vinyl cutter. Purchase the machine accordingly. Several budget-friendly options in the market cater to different features of your choice.
  • Material Flexibility: The greater the number of materials a machine can cut, the better it is. Again, it depends upon your requirements. A big business would look for better material flexibility, while a home-based business might settle for less.
  • Force and Speed: The higher the cutting force and speed, the more materials a vinyl cutter can cut through. Also, higher cutting force and speed enable better and faster output.
  • Compatibility: The vinyl machine you are purchasing must support the operating system your device has. In the case of MAC, the vinyl cutter must be compatible with MAC to execute projects.
  • Connectivity: Devices need to be connected to your vinyl machine to make them work. Different models offer different connectivity options. Vinyl cutting machines can use USB as well as Bluetooth for connectivity purposes.
  • Size: This restricts the output as a result. Hence, if you are designing larger projects, purchase a vinyl cutter that has a big size. On the other hand, if you are designing smaller projects, you can opt for a small-sized vinyl cutter.
  • Warranty: Few customers lookout for a warranty since it enhances the credibility of the company and the product. Hence, put this factor under consideration while purchasing a vinyl cutter.

For further details, have a look over the buying guide below.

8 Best Vinyl Cutter for MAC Users

Here are the most reliable and suitable recommendations for the 8 best vinyl cutting machine for MAC:

Brother Electronic Vinyl Cutter10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Check Price
Cricut Maker9/10
Check Price
Cricut Joy Machine9/10
Check Price
Silhouette Portrait 2 Electric Cutter8/10
Check Price
Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter8/10
Check Price
Cricut Explore Air 27/10
Check Price
USCutter 28” Titan 3 7/10
Check Price
Graphtec Plus CE6000-607/10
Check Price

1. Brother Electronic Vinyl Cutter

Why do we love it?

  • Brother Electronic Vinyl Cutter has a built-in scanner that allows users to scan and cut already printed designs with precision.
  • This cutter comes with 682 designs, 100 patterns, and 9 different fonts. All of these can be used with an easy edit.
  • It comes with internal memory. Therefore, any designs that you create can be saved on the machine for later use.
Quiet machineSetup is tricky
Bluetooth compatible
1-year warranty


2. Cricut Maker, Rose


Why do we love it?

  • Cricut Maker can cut over 300 plus materials, making it flexible and suitable for various projects.
  • It comes with rotary and knife blades. A rotary blade is excellent to cut fabric, while a knife blade can easily cut thicker materials such as wood.
  • It comes with a docking slot that can hold your mobile phone or tablet while you work. USB port can charge the devices simultaneously.
Bluetooth connectivityFabric left on the cutting mat is messy and hard to clean
Compact designThe woodcutter blade is sold separately
Can execute a variety of projects
Easy setup and easy to use
The design center is easy to navigate and organized


3. Cricut Joy Machine

Why do we love it?

  • The versatile Cricut Joy Machine has a compact size, which makes it ideal for small businesses that do not have enough space for a vinyl cutting machine.
  • It can make cuts up to 4 feet and repeated cuts up to 20 feet.
  • You can make custom labels with Cricut Smart Vinyl and Cricut Pens.
Compact designTo access designs, you need to pay
Budget-friendlySpeed is not incredible
Easy to set up


4. Silhouette Portrait 2 Electric Cutter

Why do we love it?

  • Silhouette Portrait comes with a clearance of 0.8”, which makes it suitable for a deep-cut blade.
  • It has an auto-blade that adjusts according to the different materials put on the cutting mat.
  • It has a print and cut ability that registers printed lines and cuts around them.
It comes with a bunch of accessoriesTricky to use the machine
Compact size yet powerful working
No internet required to use the software


5. Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter

Why do we love it?

  • The size of Silhouette Cameo 4 is compact, yet it performs incredibly well, including precise cutting and quick processing.
  • It can smartly detect tools and cuts the material with accurate precision.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, including an LED touch panel which allows for customization of settings.
Bluetooth compatibleThe grinding noise can be an issue
No internet connection required for use
Built-in vinyl trimmer
It comes with an auto-blade


6. Cricut Explore Air 2

Why do we love it?

  • Cricut Explore Air 2 can work with up to 100+ materials ranging from premium vinyl to leather, making it an incredible MAC compatible vinyl cutter.
  • You can connect this vinyl cutter with MAC using a wireless connection since it comes with a Bluetooth option.
  • When you purchase this vinyl cutter from Amazon or any other store, you get to be a part of the online Cricut community to interact with the makers, DIYers, and crafters.
It comes with a pack of accessoriesInternet is required for usage
Adjustable writing and cutting speedSubscription required to access vinyl cutter software for MAC
Impressive vinyl cutter reviews on Amazon
Elegant and compact design


7. USCutter 28” Titan 3 Cutter Machine

Why do we love it?

  • USCutter Titan has a cutting precision of 0.0003”, which is incredibly high.
  • The cutter is made from premium quality aluminum, which makes it durable
  • ARMS use laser technology to print and cut around stickers, labels, and more with high precision
Lifelong free technical support over phone and webSetup is tricky
It comes in a package with several accessories
LCD embedded with control panel allows customized settings


8. Graphtec Plus CE6000-60

Why do we love it?

  • ARMS contour cutting is the highlight of this vinyl cutter since it allows precise cutting of every design.
  • The machine comes with a floor stand which makes it easy to work with longer rolls.
  • It has a high cutting force along with a high cutting speed. It works quietly.
  • It is an ideal kit for beginners
Adjustable blade heightUsage is a little tricky
Perfect for industrial useHardware failure issues
It comes with a set of accessories


What are Vinyl Cutters?

Before purchasing a vinyl cutter, it is important to understand how it works.

Vinyl cutters can plot, draw, and cut out designs that you create. The designs can be personal ones or the ones downloaded from the design library of the vinyl cutter.

Vinyl cutters can change ordinary things into extraordinary. It helps you show off your creativity by helping you design and cut it onto any material of your choice.

Vinyl cutters do not only work with vinyl. These machines have the capability to handle several other materials, too, depending upon their construction.

In addition, some of the models of vinyl cutting machines can draw, scan, carve, etch, and emboss. These are necessary for producing and designing crafts such as magnets, signs, cards, stickers, and much more. If your model has software that includes cartridges with alphabets, images, and fonts, you can use it for vinyl lettering.

These machines are controlled through devices such as phones or laptops. Therefore, it is important to purchase the ideal vinyl cutting machine that is compatible with the operating system of your device.

Buying Guide

Since vinyl cutting machines are connected with your devices, purchasing the ideal model compatible with your device’s operating system is crucial. This buying guide helps you in finding the perfect vinyl cutter which is compatible with MAC operating system. Here is a list of various factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing a vinyl cutter.


Price range and budget are some of the main factors to consider while purchasing a vinyl cutter compatible with MAC. Keep a budget in mind according to the several other features listed below.

Different price ranges offer different features. Also, different brands come in different price ranges. Decide on the basic factors you are looking for, and then set a budget for it accordingly.

There are numerous MAC compatible vinyl cutters available on the market which offer incredible features under a pocket-friendly price range.

Material Flexibility

This represents the variety of materials that the vinyl cutting machine can work upon. Good material flexibility equals more options to choose from the available materials. Therefore, an opportunity for a vast number of projects to be executed.

Depending upon your requirements, you can look out for material flexibility. If you want to purchase this machine for a big business with countless projects being executed every day, you should look for machines that accept different materials.

Force and Speed

Adjustable cutting force and speed help in handling a variety of materials. Vinyl cutters with high speed and force are desirable since they allow you to work with several materials.


Since you are here to search for vinyl cutters that are compatible with MAC, you should check the product description carefully to know whether the machine is compatible with MAC operating systems or not.

If you are looking for vinyl cutting machines compatible with Windows, then check the product description accordingly. Vinyl cutters usually support different operating systems.


Size is an important factor that needs attention while purchasing the best vinyl cutter for MAC. Depending upon your production level and the space available, you should purchase the ideal size accordingly.

If you operate a large business with a high production level, go for a big-sized vinyl cutter and vice versa. In addition, if you have a large space for storing the machine, you can purchase a large-sized vinyl cutter depending upon other factors.

A huge-sized vinyl cutter can help in small as well as large projects. However, a small-sized vinyl cutter can only execute smaller projects.


The machine needs to be connected to a device to start working. There are 2 options for this. One is to use the USB port to connect your device to the machine. The second is the Bluetooth option which offers a wireless connection.

Depending upon your requirement, look out for a vinyl cutting machine accordingly.


A few vinyl cutters come with a limited 1-year warranty. This is an important factor for several people since a warranty increases the credibility of the company and the product too. In addition, a warranty makes it easier to get faulty components replaced, if any.


Alternative to MAC Compatible Vinyl Cutter

There are several alternatives to vinyl cutting machines compatible with MAC. If you cannot find or purchase it for any reason, you can switch to a vinyl cutting machine with a built-in scanner.

The built-in scanner allows you to send images to the machines without a computer. You can scan your printed images and then feed material to the machine to execute the project on it. This vinyl cutter automatically follows the design scanned. Therefore, no computer is required in this process.

On the other hand, you can use the alternative of a cloud base. Using a cloud base, you can download designs online. This does not require any device or operating system. Therefore, you can easily download images, feed material to the machine, and execute your project without any incompatibility issues with your operating systems.



Although purchasing a MAC compatible vinyl cutter can be a tricky task, however, we hope we have provided you with enough information to make your decision easy.

The buying guide, along with the 8 product recommendations, is specially researched and written in one article to help you purchase the top and most suitable machine for you.