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8 best NFT displays In 2021

The 8 Best NFT Displays to Showcase Your Digital Artwork in Real Time [Reviewed]

On the basis of recent events, it can be readily said that;

 Most NFTs can cost you a fortune; that’s why it’s ideal to invest in the best NFT display to safeguard your art in real-time and showcase them to the world. 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have modernized almost every aspect of our life, and digital art is no exception. Back in the day, an artist’s work was appreciated only in terms of their real-life value, but that changed exponentially after the crypto boom. Now almost anyone can preserve their digital collectibles and profit from them by generating an NFT or non-fungible token.

Although when it comes to showcasing these artistic works, not a whole lot of options are available in the market. But that’s when NFT display screens come into place. As compared to a normal frame, this smart piece of equipment lets you cast the most cherished pictures/NFTs in your living space with little to no complication. On top of that, they incorporate some top-of-the-line features such as auto-rotation, panel-sensitive display, and Wi-Fi-connectivity for a wholesome NFT viewing experience.

With that said, today, we will be reviewing some of the best NFT display screens that money can buy in 2024 (along with buying guide). They are known for their quality, professionalism, and ease of use, so no matter which one you pick, they will still be worth the price tag. We will also be going through the greatest ways to display NFT art and NFT guides to give you added peace of mind. So, let’s get into it!

Best NFT display in 2024:

Here are our top picks for the finest non-fungible displays;

SAMSUNG 65-inch Class FRAME QLED10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Meural Canvas II9/10
Check Price
Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame9.5/10
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Nixplay 10.1-inch Digital NFT display Screen9/10
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Skylight NFT system Frame9/10
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Pix-Star 10.4 Digital Photo Frame 9/10
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NIX Advance 8 Inch Digital Frame 8.5/10
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Aura Mason Smart Digital Picture Frame7/10
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1)  SAMSUNG 65-inch Class Frame QLED

Why we love it:

  • One of the best NFT display frames for home & office
  • Provides true to life images under a bright spectrum
  • Operates under Samsung Quantum 4K processor
  • Better than NFT hologram display in terms of overall customization
  • Built-in Alexa compatibility to use it on the go
Automatic turn-on display function Not as relevant as NFT hologram display
Fully customizable bezels Non-reliable user interface
Built-in brightness sensor

2)  Meural Canvas II

Why we love it:

  • Premium NFT display in terms of its design & color pattern
  • Suited to display NFT art at home without any software installation
  • Supports voice activation and other promising controls
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art hardware
  • Provides a 1080p HD display
A WIFI connected 1080p HD display A single subscription can be used for only two canvases
Easy to setup & display NFT art at home Terrible customer support
Supports the use of voice control

3)  Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame

Why we love it:

  • Ergonomically built NFT display with high-end hardware at the backend
  • Allows you to upload your NFT in a variety of formats (for photo and video).
  • It offers many different functions, including date, time, and alarm calendar
  • 1” touch screen display that covers an aspect ratio of 16:10
  • Backed by 16GB worth of storage space
User-friendly and interactiveThe image resolution can be a major drawback
It can be either used as an NFT physical display or mounted on a wallYou can't set up notifications on this device.
Equipped with a sleep mode to save energy

4)  Nixplay 10.1-inch Digital NFT display Screen

Why we love it:

  • One of the top-selling digital NFT frames on Amazon
  • 1280×800 HD IPS display that resonates crystal clear images
  • It can be configured to both auto-rotate or landscape mode within seconds
  • Fully compatible with both Android & IOS devices
  • Allow you to send NFTs over a private and secure connection
NFT display screens with the highest screen resolutionEmailing NFTs (directly) can be a bit of a struggle
Built-in motion sensors for regulated functionTheir customer service can take some time to respond
It can be used in either portrait or landscape mode

5)  Skylight NFT system Frame

Why we love it:

  • Ideally-suited to showcase NFT design in both video and image format
  • Under one-minute setup configuration for an effortless use case
  • A rugged design that is complemented by a professional back stand
  • 1280×800 resolution for picture-clear visuals
  • An ideal way to display NFT art with a money-back guarantee
Absolutely stunning picture qualityIt doesn't support a USB connection
It takes a little to no time to get up and runningThe email notifications can sometimes malfunction
A WIFI enabled NFT play to earn display

6)  Pix-Star 10.4 Digital Photo Frame

Why we love it:

  • The images out of this NFT system design look crisp, clear & detailed
  • It is available with an email-assist feature to further ease out the use case
  • Supports transfer of media through a variety of social networks
  • Easily able to hold multiple frame accounts
  • Ideal for managing NFT play to earn
It can display NFTs from a wide range of social media platformsIt's not an ideal way to display NFT art as there is a lack of wall mount support
Best NFT system design in terms of its ease of useNot a secure way to save NFT play to earn
Links up to 25 frames per account

7)  NIX Advance 8 Inch Digital Frame

Why we love it:

  • Based on a 1024x768p IPS display which aids in delivering crystal clear visuals
  • Built-in calendar and clock function as well as an energy-saving mode
  • Set up your NFT collection with its instant plug & play support
  • Enabled with multiple slide-show transitions to further please your audience
  • It supports a USB stick or a memory card (SD/SDHC) linking
Modern black finishing which can match many interiorsIt lacks WIFI accessibility
Extremely easy to setup & useIts hu-motion sensor is not that advance
Compatible with a USB stick or SD/SDHC memory

8)  Aura Mason Smart Digital Picture Frame

Why we love it:

  • Share unlimited NFT artwork with family and friends through its intuitive app
  • Available in a free-standing design to improve the curb appeal of your living space
  • 9″ screen paired with 1600x1200p FHD display to give crystal clear images
  • Intelligent image curation technology lets you resize your media automatically
  • 10,000+ photos can be stored in its cloud-based setup
Adds color correction and exquisite details to imagesIt doesn't have any slot for a USB or SSD card reader
Enjoy unlimited storage with its Cloud appsIt's not touchscreen-enabled
Operated through two touch bars at the top

Everything You Need to Know About Non-Fungible Tokens

How to Display Your NFT Collection

If you’ve been following the news around, you may have stumbled upon the word “NFT.” Through the past couple of months, this phenomenon has been gaining some heat. But the million-dollar question is, what exactly is an NFT system? What are some ways to way to display NFT art? & Which NFT setup suits you the best? So, Let’s answer these questions one by one in our follow-up guide:

How to Display Your NFT CollectionWhat does NFT mean & why are they so popular?

The word NFT is basically abbreviated as “non-fungible token,” which is basically a derogatory word for digital tokens which prove ownership for any digital art on the web. It acts as a digital certificate that any artist can use to patent their creation and make a name for themselves in the online community. So, think of them as a real-life authentic showpiece that can be sold or purchased with the creator’s approval.

Before NFTs, there was almost no practical way in which any person could recognize the ownership of particular content. But that’s changed now as each NFT is unique, and the chances of someone scamming the system are almost zero as the whole process runs on blockchain technology. Today, with any particular NFT medium, you can sell and purchase GIFs, images, MP3s, short video files, and just about anything.

As this technology is still in its early stages, the restrictions are little to none as what can be classified as an NFT. This is the reason why dozens of internet users are hording to sell their digital files. Take this iconic Nyan Cat, for example, which has been recently sold for almost $600,000 in an online auction.

This Rainbow Kitten Image Was Auctioned for More Than $500,000

If this doesn’t surprise you, then I don’t know what can!

What are some prominent ways to display NFT art?

NFT Projects Worth Watching - VYSYN Capital

The world of NFT is endless, and there are many ways in which can anyone could showcase their newly owned digital artwork. These methods range from traditional NFT physical displays to completely virtual Metaverse. So, let’s take a closer look at some common ways through which collectors can display their NFT art;

1)   Digital Frames

Perhaps one of the most common methods of displaying NFT collection in real-time is with the help of digital frames. These picture frames were previously used as a way to represent the cherished moments of our family members or loved ones, but nowadays are an excellent choice for non-fungible media.

Having the opportunity to experience your NFT collection in real-time is something that most of us could not discard. Due to our human psychology, seeing your antique in physical space brings out a deeper level of appreciation that one can justify the price tag. With that said, these are some prime digital frame manufacturers that are worth checking out;

  • NETGEAR Meural

This company has been renowned for making wireless digital frames over the last couple of years, and the Meural Canvas is one of their latest projects. With a simple connection, it allows you to cast your NFTs.

  • Canvia

Like Meural, provides custom-made digital frames which you can configure to showcase multiple NFT artworks. Their frames are sturdy and can get you the desired results within no time!

2)   NFT Galleries

NFT artwork is all well and good, but how can anyone display their media over the internet? Well, the obvious solution, in this case, is NFT galleries. Just like any normal art gallery, many websites and social media platforms are now offering the comfort of showcasing your creation with the online world at the touch of the button. This way, you could scale your collection without having to pay for the tedious cost associated with physical accessories. So, if you want flexibility, then online galleries are the way to go.

  • OpenSea

Being currently the largest marketplace for NFT collection, OpenSea provides a seamless way for an artist to showcase their creation over the internet, with the intent of even selling them. Everything from ultra-expensive artwork to subtle social memes is displayed over at OpenSea.

  • Lazy is another domain that offers the comfort of preserving non-fungible media over the web. It lacks many features as compared to OpenSea, but it’s still an ideal place to present your collection.

3)   Metaverse

You can’t explain what an NFT system is until you understand the nitty-gritty of Metaverse. For starters, it is basically a virtual space that shares an augmented collection within a single roof. This is where you can meet other VR enthusiasts and showcase your ideas and set a new insight into the 3D world. For NFTs, Metaverse is probably a gold mine as many people are now starting to adopt this technology.

You can use any Metaverse space and share your NFTs within personalized galleries for others to see. This ease of accessibility and added customization is something that makes virtual meta space stand out from the rest of the methods.


All in all, these were some of the best NFT displays that you could get your hands on in 2024. Before you go and purchase any NFT play to earn artwork, it is worth understanding that every single one of them is selected on the basis of quality, display resolution, and features, which aren’t easy to find in the market.

They are picked after hours of research and going through tons of customer reviews so that you can get the best bang for your buck. Also, keep in mind that digital NFTs are constantly evolving, and so as the ways to represent them. The relevant frames today might not be in the near future so make sure to check out some of the other ways to display NFT art.

I hope that now you understand what an NFT system is and how you can use it for your benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, What is the ideal way to resize my best NFT system?

To adjust your NFT, use any online editors (such as Kapwing Studios) and then download the configured file back into your setup.

Q2, Is it ok to trust NFT consultants?

As NFTs are still in their infant stages, it’s not always ideal to trust consultants.

Q3, What other things to look for in NFT guides?

If you’re buying digital frames, then its wise to look out for things like image format, display resolution, and storage capacity.