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Office-worthy List

Hey there, office peeps! Welcome to Office-worthy List!

We’re so excited you’re here!

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This is a website for and by office people, to help each other find the absolute best office chairs on the market. We created this site for all our coworkers who have backs that can’t handle long days, for people who are concerned about their posture at work, and for innovative executives who are constantly searching for a chair that embodies and facilitates their leadership style.

Your chair is your constant companion at the office, and you shouldn’t have to settle for second best. We spend half of our lives in our chairs, so they shouldn’t be dragging you down or cramping your creativity.

You know the difference it makes to have a good chair for the workday. We all do! We all remember those conferences where we had to sit for hours, slowly falling asleep, only kept awake by back pain from horrendous chairs. We also remember those great meetings where someone made the effort to find good quality, ergonomic chairs. Working from a great seat is a whole different world, and it’s one you should have in your own office, cubicle, or home desk.

We started Office-worthy List to help very busy people get their ideal chairs without spending valuable office time shopping online.

You might be wondering-what makes Office-worthy List different? After all, there are tons of review sites out there for chairs and other furniture or equipment. Well, for starters, we’re approaching all of our extensive research and reviews from the standpoint of office workers! We’re also writing very differently from those articles in periodicals about futuristic seats that have amazing scientific claims but are astronomical and unaffordable. We’re not here to big up any specific brands, or market for any new product. We’re real office workers here to help our colleagues.

To conduct our research and write our own reviews, we put all our heads together to brainstorm the features of a perfect chair. We also made lists of essential features, no matter the cost of the chair. Then, we talked about all the different needs we had, whether it was back pain, short stature, or anything else. We figured out all the features that have made us most comfortable, and made lists of all our favorite chairs over the years. With all this in mind, we went trawling the internet for absolutely all the options out there. We weeded, combed, and picked through the market, choosing the very best in each category. We tried to choose specific recommendations for each need, whether it’s for people with back pain or people who want the best in modern ergonomics.

Our reviews are different because they take into account a whole bunch of different factors. They compare prices, features, specs and safety ratings. They also give you a concise but complete overview of what buyers are saying about all our recommendations. That’s right, we spent that much time and energy on these reviews that we actually read every single one of the buyer comments we could find online.

In the end, we think we’ve built the most comprehensive, helpful source for office chair reviews online. We hope you’ll agree!

If you have any feedback about articles you read on this site, chairs we’ve recommended, or anything else that’s on your mind, send us a message! We’re always here for you.

If you’re keeping an eye on the market but aren’t quite ready to spring for a new chair right this minute, check back soon! We’re constantly updating our site on the Best Office Chair Reviews, and we’ll make sure that if an exciting new chair catches our attention, we’ll include it!