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6 Best Vinyl Printers in the Market in 2023【Reviewed】

Printing was once considered a technological marvel and was a fascinating piece of technology.  Now since a lot of time has passed, this technology has advanced a lot that we can even print stickers and vinyl with ease. Even in our current century 3D printing is a thing!

Especially, who doesn’t like a custom sticker or vinyl for their cupboard, car, or even books? Well everyone does, so why spend thousands getting your favorite thing printed when at a fraction of a price you can get an in-house premium quality vinyl printer that can let you print any kind of customized design that you want in sticker form!

Keeping this specific thought in mind our expert monkeys came up with the list of best vinyl printers that you can buy on market at an affordable price, along with a buying guide and FAQ section. So, let’s begin!

Best Vinyl Printers

Here are some of the top vinyl printers available in the market.

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 53 Inch DIY Vinyl Printer10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Mophorn Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press and Vinyl Cutter 349/10
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VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Machine, 375mm Vinyl Printer8/10
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US CUTTER 28" SC2 Vinyl Cutter Plotter 7/10
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VEVOR Vinyl Cutter, 34in/870mm Vinyl 7/10
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Epson Expression EcoTank Wireless Super Tank7/10
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1.  VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Machine, 375mm Vinyl Printer

Why we love it?

  • It is lightweight so can be carried around easily.
  • Its fast-cutting capacity saves you time.
  • Being available in almost three sizes makes it desirable to all kinds of businesses.
  • The software and instructional videos help set up the whole thing quickly.
Reasonable priceComparatively low paper feed capacity
Compact size

2.  Epson Expression EcoTank Wireless Super Tank

Why we love it?

  • It saves on your power bills by printing on both sides of the paper.
  • It also saves the paper by both side printing.
  • The print resolution is high, making the stickers and graphics bright.
  • Compact in size, so it takes up minimal space.
It is iOS compatibleIt only works best with Epson ink
Available in over five sizes at different costs
Huge ink tanks


3. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 53 Inch DIY Vinyl Printer

Why we love it?

  • It allows you to enjoy new forms of styling and fonts.
  • It saves you money by being durable with a sturdy floor stand.
  • It gives you convenience by providing different styled ports.
  • It is simple to control using digital control.
Available in multiple sizesNon-compatible with the apple system
High printing accuracy
Adjustability options for speed exist

4.   Mophorn Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press and Vinyl Cutter 34

Why we love it?

  • It’s a time saver due to its high speed.
  • Its user-friendly interface helps everyone use it without difficulty.
  • It is economical and hence light on your pocket.
  • It has protection against voltage fluctuations, keeping it operating correctly without risking burnout.
Works for any thickness of the paperHassle because of waiting as shipped in two parts
Huge feed capacity
Fast and efficient design

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5.  US CUTTER 28″ SC2 Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Why we love it?

  • It saves you headaches by working quietly.
  • Huge memory allows it to finish the task quickly.
  • Adjustable rollers can be used for a variety of other feed materials, saving your additional costs.
  • Multiple customer support options make reaching the company convenient for you.
Best for printing on clothesCustomer support is a bit slow
Latest technology
Free, cut software is included in the deal

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6.  VEVOR Vinyl Cutter, 34in/870mm Vinyl Printer

Why we love it?

  • Its anti deviation design keeps your work straight and perfect.
  • Extra accessories are provided that assist you in using this printer efficiently.
  • The printer kit has everything needed for vinyl printing, so you have to run around looking for things.
  • It is lightweight and hence easy to carry.

Multiple connection modesPackaging needs improvement
Reasonable price
Simple and easy for beginner use

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Buying guide for best vinyl Printers

If you are a business owner for the finest printable vinyl for stickers, you must always be in need of the best vinyl printer for small businesses. Even if your business is huge, you need a commercial vinyl printer.

Every vinyl printer has its own benefits and drawbacks; you have to figure out which option will suit you the best according to your user needs and the frequency with which you are going to use your printer.

But your mind goes haywire when you enter a vinyl printing equipment shop. So many options, so many brands, how to decide? It would help if you had a few pointers, which, fortunately, we have.

The following tips will definitely help you in making the right purchase for the amazing vinyl printer and cutter.


Now there are two major categories of printers according to their uses. Either you want a printer for printing in the home domain, or you are specifically looking to expand your vinyl printing business using a commercial vinyl printer. Even if you are buying a vinyl printer for domestic use, you can still use it for small businesses as it has the capacity to carry out small functions.

Based on the “type of function” you are going to use it for, your printer can be decided. The usage will further lead to deciding on the price of your vinyl printer and its size, as managing these two aspects is most significant.


When you consider the usage of your premium vinyl printer for stickers, you also remain mindful that it will come at a particular cost. It is an intelligent thing to buy a cost-effective vinyl printer because printing vinyl won’t be cheap, and you will need a lot of money to manage the paper feed and electricity costs. However, the quality should not be compromised in any way. It would help if you bought a printer that is, by all means, the finest printer for vinyl printing.

For large corporations, spending a couple of thousand dollars on a vinyl printer is nothing. They will make a profit out of it, so there is no room for compromising on the price. But as a small business owner, you should consider a less pricey device.

You can compare all features and prices of printers in the market and make a well-informed decision only after thorough research. You can buy cheap in the beginning, and as your business grows, invest in upgrading your printing.


Considering the physical size of the vinyl printing machine as it takes up quite a space for proper functioning. If you are going to use your printer at a vast warehouse, you can have a bigger-sized commercial vinyl printer as that would be fair to deal with large-scale vinyl printing.

If you work at a small shop and offer your services for hiring printers, or if you want a printer for domestic use, you need more compact designs. This is again dependent upon the help you will put your printer to.


The portability of your vinyl printer again depends upon its use. If you are going to install it one time, you don’t have to care about carrying it around. But if you change workspaces very often, you need a lightweight printer that is easy to carry around.

Additional features

You can never underestimate additional features. They make your life easy and help you print better and improved prints. These can be wireless features, additional software, or even added accessories.

Anything that can prove handy while producing printable vinyl.


1. What is the difference between a vinyl cutter and a plotter?

The difference is due to the use of a knife that cuts paper instead of only creating prints.

2. What type of printer do you need to print on vinyl?

A large-format vinyl printer is needed to print on vinyl.


It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, stickers or vinyl are something that can be considered a favorite for most of us. Even if you are working in an office, you can easily add a sticker to boost up morale or something like that to enhance the work environment

With a custom vinyl printer, the possibilities are endless, print your and your friend/colleagues’ favorite designs and use them on your tables, cars, or anywhere you want. So why wait? pick your finest vinyl printer and go wild!