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9 Best Phones for Office to Buy in 2023【Reviewed】

 “State-of-the-art tech might have taken over the business world but things still cannot operate with a good old office telephone system” 

By good old, we don’t mean that the telephones systems nowadays are low on tech; they have also evolved into technological marvels.

Technological advancements have made this form of communication even more efficient, and with the right price and guidance, you can get the perfect phone for your office that can enhance your business communication.

Keeping that in mind, we came up with our own list of premium phones that money can buy, along with a guide and FAQ portion.

Best Phones for Office 2023:

AT&T CL84107 DECT 6.010/10 (Editor's Choice)
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VTech AM184479/10
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PANASONIC Corded / Cordless Phone System9/10
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VTech DS6151-2 8/10
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AT&T CD49308/10
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Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone8/10
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Xblue X16 Small Office Phone System8/10
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Yealink T57W Prime Business Phone7/10
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Poly - VVX 411 12-Line VOIP Business Phone7/10
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1. AT&T CL84107 DECT 6.0

Why we love it

  • Its backlit buttons prove convenient for dialing, even for people with poor vision. This feature is usually absent even in the best office phones.
  • The extra-large display makes reading the caller ID easier and quicker.
  • By using its handset walkie-talkie, one need not shout around.
  • Its line power mode allows uninterrupted use in the absence of electricity.
Extremely handy and does not require an additional phone jack.Heavy base receiver.
Automatically blocks unwanted robocalls.
Simple to set up.


2. VTech AM18447

Why we love it

  • Its auto-attendant feature helps in the automatic recording of voice messages.
  • You can enjoy your favorite tunes with the customizable music feature.
  • The digital answering system allows you to have long conversations by recording, i.e., up to 3 hours.
  • The wireless connection system of handsets makes the setup convenient.
Great for small offices and proves the best cordless phone for the officeA bit pricey than other office phones on amazon.
Best ‘’in-house’’ office option.
The design and included accessories are worth each penny.


3. PANASONIC Corded / Cordless Phone System


Why we love it

  • The easy call blocker allows you to screen unwanted people within minutes.
  • You can quickly reach your baby with in-built baby monitor alerts.
  • Its powerful battery allows you to have conversations all day long.
  • The mounting plate is spacious and makes additional room for the power cord.
The features are convenient for aged people.For people who ordered champagne color, the phone is more white than champagne.
It is excellent for two people as it has two handsets.
The number book can save up to 100 contact numbers for you!


4. VTech DS6151-2


Why we love it

  • It can store up to 50 numbers so that your hassle of keeping a number of bookends.
  • Up to 12 people can use it with the expandable handsets feature.
  • With the Dect 6.0 technology, one can enjoy flawless sound quality.
  • Thanks to its speakerphone, you can make hand-free calls conveniently.
Customizable ringtone and volume settings.Not that high tech
Offers an excellent answering machine.
Separate home line and business line .

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5. AT&T CD4930


Why we love it

  • The 25 minutes message recording allows you to receive essential memos, so you don’t miss out on anything.
  • You don’t need to get up to read the caller ID, and the LCD can be tilted to your convenience.
  • The speakerphone lets more than one person communicate with the caller.
  • You can work while talking through the speakerphone.
The price is low.The absence of lighted buttons makes dialing during a power emergency difficult.
Adjustable screen.
The phone directory can save up to 25 numbers.
No hassle of batteries as it uses alternating current.


6. Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone


Why we love it

  • It has a 3 line option that saves you time during business hours.
  • It is convenient as it directly connects to an internet telephone, making the process quicker.
  • The presence of an ethernet port allows conferencing, i.e., you can conversate with more than one colleague, just like a meeting.
  • The provision of a separate AC supply saves you additional expenditure.
A speakerphone is present.Small buttons.
Setting up is simple and mess-free.
No hassle with batteries.


7. Xblue X16 Small Office Phone System


Why we love it

  • The one-touch system with 12 buttons allows you to speed dial in case of an emergency.
  • The Intercom facility makes it perfect for your office use.
  • Maximum expandable handsets, i.e., 16, allow the majority of people in an office to make use of the phone which increases work efficiency.
  • Six lines facility means maximum clients can be talked within a short span of time.
Reasonable price.Instructions in the user manual are inadequate.
Self-installation setup.
Easy retrieval of hold calls, just a button away.


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8. Yealink T57W Prime Business Phone


Why we love it

  • In the presence of an ethernet power supply, this office phone is perfect without additional power supply and saves on power costs.
  • The screen is big, precise, and adjustable, which makes dialing error-free.
  • Its camera module means you no longer need a laptop or smartphone for video meetings.
  • It is two in one, i.e., it allows you to video and audio call and saves you money.
Lightweight base.No power supply in the package.
Responsive touchscreen.
Flexible to use with Free Pro Box.


9. Poly – VVX 411 12-Line VOIP Business Phone


Why we love it

  • The Poly Acoustic technology gives you flawless sound quality and makes conversation clear and convenient.
  • The single-button video meetings are everything an employee can wish for.
  • It looks great, making it one of the cool office phones.
  • The integrated switch lets you connect the phone to the PC swiftly, making it a premium phone for office use.
High-quality product.Headsets are sold separately.
Affordable Pricing.
Power supply included in the deal.


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Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Office Phone

Even though some might consider an office phone as a small accessory and do not put much thought or research into their purchase but it’s not that simple.

Efficient telephone communication enhances your overall business communication with your clients and employees and opting for the most suitable one in your budget should always be your top priority.


First, it’s necessary to dive into your pocket and check what will not put a huge dent in it. Making a budget is necessary so you can before you start purchasing office phones on amazon. You need to look for the phones that can provide you with the most benefit in your budget. Moreover, you also need to make to factor in all the installation costs, internet packages price, etc

How many Phone lines do you need?

The world is mostly wireless nowadays but you still need phone lines are still a part of your office communication. If you are just looking for a single office phone for a single phone line you can easily opt for a single or even double-line phone for both your office and home. However, if you’re running a big business where multiple employees require their own line. Then look for a phone that can handle more lines.

Is it expandable?

Even if you are starting a small business, it’s always better to opt for a phone that is expandable because with time your business can grow and you will need to again invest again in another phone. With expandability, you just need to get smaller and cheaper expansions like cordless phones.

Wireless or Wired?

Now we live in the wireless era, and even if your main telephone set depends on wired communication, it’s always better to opt for one with a wireless receiver and can be expanded wirelessly. Because in this era, expanding your business communication wirelessly will be more cost-effective and efficient.

On the other hand, if you can only expand your communication network by using wires, then it can cost you alot more to wire your whole office, and even expansion can prove to be difficult. The greatest pro of a cordless system is that it can easily let you move around, and you are not just bound to your desk

Should have all the required features, even for a small business.

Nowadays business phones have advanced alot, you’ll not see an old dialer phone or limited features in a business phone. There are certain features that even the finest office phone for small businesses should have.

  1. It should have good voice quality and especially background noise reduction because in business communication, it’s important to have clear communication
  2. Can able to handle conference calls and should also have the caller id feature to avoid any confusion
  3. Should have a good enough battery backup for both the base unit and cordless receivers. A good enough battery backup should last for a few hours.
  4. A premium office phone should be able to integrate with a smartphone
  5. Should have call forwarding to mobile phones and transfer to landline phones feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are landline phones still relevant?

In remote areas, especially with bad cell phone signals and slow or not existing internet, landline phones are still used for effective communication. And even with all the technological advancements, there are still places that require landline phones. So, yes, they are still relevant in some places.

What is VOIP, and should you opt for a phone with VOIP?

Voice over internet protocol or VOIP is something that internet advancements brought along and it helps in making phone calls using the internet. It’s a really important feature for every new business but it can be a bit expensive as well. So, only opt for a VoIP phone if you have a good internet connection. But they are clearly the finest office phones for modern businesses.

The Bottom Line!

Running a business is hard, and communication is the main element of an effective business organization. At the core of business communication, lies an effective telephone system. An effective telephonic system in your office requires premium devices and proper guidance for getting those devices. We did just that and came up with this guide to get you the most suitable option for your business. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find adequate options for all your needs from this guide.