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Best Under Desk Elliptical Reviews: Top Chairs and Exercise Equipment While Sitting Down

Office hours are long, and sitting continuously in one posture can turn up, causing body aches that no employer looks forward to. From muscle issues to the affected immune systems, the uncomfortable office furniture can cause severe medical problems, which should be prevented at all costs.

If you are looking to indulge in exercise while you are working in office, you must be wondering about the benefits this practice has to offer. From increased calorie burning to the healthier muscles and joints, this practice has various benefits. They include reduced stress levels, improved blood circulation, increased productivity, etc.

This is why having comfortable office furniture to provide ease and comfort to the employers should be the employees’ or business owners’ first and foremost concern to get the best performance out of their employers.

Here are our top three favorites and must-have pieces:

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball ChairZINRAY Under-Desk Elliptical MachineCubii Pro Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine
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Top Exercise Chair, Under Desk Bike, Under Desk Treadmill Reviews

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

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When it comes to health concerns, the Balance Ball chairs are gaining massive popularity because of the health benefits they have to offer. The Gaiam balance ball chair allows you to sit in quite a better position and engage more muscles than the conventional chairs you can find in most offices.

While sitting on a Gaiam balance ball chair, you will have some micro-movements, which will help engage the body and mind, thus resulting in higher energy levels and the increased productivity of anyone using it.


The Gaiam balance ball chair is suitable for almost all standard-height desks. Additionally, this balance chair can be ideal for people ranging from having a height of 5 feet to 5 feet and 11 inches.

This balance ball chair has a weight capacity of around 300 pounds which is quite large and can accommodate the majority of the people working in an office.

The Gaiam balance ball chair is specifically designed by keeping the work-requirements in mind with the help of a doctor who has kept all the ergonomic support needs. Thus the chair has been created keeping in mind all the ergonomic support needed while sitting for long office hours.

It is considered one of the best alternatives to the chairs that promotes wellness and soothing aches caused by sitting at a desk for long periods.


There are no arm-sets available with this chair, which may prove to be a problem for people who habitually rest their arms in between their work.

According to some reviews, when you buy this chair, the ball is not properly inflated.

ZINRAY Under-Desk Elliptical Machine

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You ever heard about being able to exercise while you are doing your office work? That sounds cool but also undoable. However, it is not impossible anymore as the ZINRAY Under-Desk elliptical machine is here for your rescue.

This tiny but best under desk elliptical is ideal not for the only workout that requires you to stand but also for the sitting workout you can easily get indulged in while watching TV or even in your office.

Not only this, but the built-in system also records your activity throughout, which includes time, distance, and calories burnt, so you can easily have a proper track of your workout details.


What makes it one of the best under desk elliptical machines is its construction. The stable base and the heavy-duty steel construction, along with the anti-slid rubber design, make it quite sturdy and safe to use.

Because of the amazing construction, this under-desk elliptical machine can easily handle around 250 pounds of weight.

While you sit for long periods working in an office, the blood circulation for sure gets disrupted and disturbed. This is where the ZINRAY under-desk elliptical machine comes with a solution. Now the blood circulation can be improved, and the muscle atrophy can be prevented while using this machine when you work.


The Under-desk elliptical machines are not easy to be carried around as they are heavy, and carrying them could be inconvenient.

Cubii Pro Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

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Looking for something that you can continue exercising with while still at work and without stressing your joints? The Cubii Pro seater under desk elliptical machine is at your service. This is specifically designed to be a desk exercise compact elliptical and comes with a compact design that makes it one of the best under desk elliptical available.

Not only this, the elliptical machine is portable, so you can easily carry it and can get your exercise done under your desk while you rest on the couch or even when you are having dinner at the dining table. Yes, this is how feasible it is.


This elliptical machine’s design is quite compact, so you can easily get to use it anywhere and whenever you feel like exercising.

It comes with a Cubii mobile app that doesn’t only track your calories burnt and distance covered but also sends you reminders to work out. This makes it one of the best under desk elliptical machines out there.

It is considered a mini exercise bike as it easily helps burn around 125 calories per hour while you sit at your desk and do your work.

Not only is this comfortable while using it during exercising, but it also is noise-free, so you don’t disturb your colleagues while you have your workout session during work.


While it comes with many useful features, you will not be able to use it while standing. This means you must be seated while you are using this under-desk elliptical machine.

When you buy it, some assembly is required, which can prove to be a bit troublesome, especially for the people using it for the first time.

How to Pick a Great Under Desk Exercise Equipment

While creating a productive workspace is the main criteria of an office, it is important to accept that office furniture plays a vital role in doing so. To select the right furniture for making the employees feel comfortable and at ease when working must be a firm’s top most priority. This will always result in better functioning and working productivity of the office workers because this practice ensures increased blood circulation, better energy levels and productivity, healthier muscles and various other benefits.  

What’s Next?

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