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best standing desk converters

7 Best Standing Desk Converter for Tall Person

Do you feel the excessive strain on your back and neck while sitting at a desk? Have you ever felt like your height has made it difficult to find a desk that is tall enough for you?

If so, it’s time for you to consider investing in a standing desk converter. The best standing desks for tall people have the ideal ergonomic design that will allow you to stand upright while working without feeling too cramped or uneasy. You’ll be able to engage with your work in an entirely new way, which will make productivity soar!

The best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People are reviewed below. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each model and its features before giving our final recommendation. There’s no question that these products will help with productivity and provide more energy throughout the day!


How does a standing desk converter work?

A standing desk converter is a portable table that you can use to convert your existing office desk into an ergonomic workstation. By setting it on top of something like a current table – not included with purchase but often sold separately -and putting your PC tower below, this product helps workers stay healthy without having much downtime from their usual schedule.

Like many of the best tools, it’s simple in design and easy to use. It usually has levers for height adjustment. Once set up, they allow users with back problems to stand rather than sit during their day-to-day tasks at home or even in professional offices; this is extremely helpful when you feel tired and need to stand for a while or sit back down again.

My productivity has improved dramatically since adding that minor feature because now, instead of just being stuck in one position all day (because sitting on your butt can be tiring), I get to alternate between both standing and sitting. There are these brief moments where standing up helps re-energize you so much more than before! This way, they avoid muscle strain from long hours sitting down and other health risks associated with poor posture while working.

7 Best Standing Desk Converter for Tall Person

The Fully Cooper10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Varidesk Tall 409/10
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FlexPro Precision9/10
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ErgoTron Workfit Dual8/10
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FlexiSpot M78/10
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HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk7/10
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Zinus Molly Smart Adjust Standing Desk8/10
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1. The Fully Cooper

Why do we love it?

  • Fully Cooper desk converter is ecofriendly. It is bamboo build which is not only great aesthetic wise but is also incredible in quality as well as is nature friendly
  • The hydraulic lifting mechanism is used which helps you adjust the force required to extend or close the desk down
  • It has a large desk surface area which is great if you have to place two monitors or several essentials
Pros Cons
Aesthetically pleasing Not good for people over 6’5″
Affordable price Fixed keyboard tray
Easy installation


2. Varidesk Tall 40

Why do we love it?

  • This sit-to-stand desk riser has an excellent 30-day return policy along with a 5-year long warranty
  • This standing desk converter is adjustable to 9 different height options, making Varidesk for tall person a superb option
  • This sit-stand desk conversion has a heavy weighted base which is made from premium quality materials UL certified to BIFMA standards making it the best stand up desk converter
Pros Cons
Dual platform converter with easy height adjustments Not the ideal desk for tall person in terms of ergonomics
Easy to install Has no infinite position lock
Minimal wobbling Expensive


3. FlexPro Precision

Why do we love it?

  • FlexPro has a spring-loaded mechanism that lets you easily adjust the height of the desk converter several times a day
  • When purchased through Amazon, you will get a standing desk wellness guide for completely free. This will be quite helpful in the installation of the desk converter
  • FlexPro has a cord management system attached with its desk converter which will help you in keeping your workplace organized
Pros Cons
Little to no wobbliness The keyboard tray remains fixed
Not an expensive purchase Short warranty period
Smooth curved edges for a comfortable use

4. ErgoTron Workfit Dual

Why do we love it?

  • ErgoTron is the best stand up desk converter ergonomically with an excellent screen maneuverability
  • This adjustable standing desk top can hold up to two 22” monitors quite easily
  • The keyboard tray is back-title which is incredible for typing comfortably
Pros Cons
X-frame converter is great when you have less office space Long cables required
Comes with a 5-year warranty Expensive
Keyboard trays and screens are individually adjustable Difficult installation

5. FlexiSpot M7

Why do we love it?

  • This desk for tall person is ideal since it has a powerful gas spring system which makes it an excellent height adjustable desk converter
  • Flexispot M7 tall office desk for standing comes with a removable keyboard tray which is an excellent feature for tall people
  • This sit-stand desk conversion product has a double x-frame which is ideal to distribute weight and reduce shakiness at different height levels
Pros Cons
Comes at a reasonable price Some customers face the issue of wobbliness
Easy installation process It is a little difficult to adjust and lift this tall computer stand to the desired height
Comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee, a 5-year long warranty, and friendly support via chat, email, or phone


6. HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk

Why do we love it?

  • There are 9 different ergonomic adjustable angles for the users to choose between to ensure the comfort level of all customers
  • Huanuo adjustable laptop stand is super portable as it can be folded down when not in use or transported to various locations
  • The desk converter has a non-slip padding bar design which makes sure nothing falls off while working or otherwise
Pros Cons
Good value for money


Only for laptop
Durable and sturdy materials used in the manufacturing
Easy to install


7. Zinus Molly Smart Adjust Standing Desk

Why do we love it?

  • Zinus Molly Smart Adjust Standing Desk has a textured surface that does not allow things to slip off the surface
  • This standing desk is available in several sizes and three different colors which is a plus point aesthetically
  • This ergonomic sit-stand desk has a top surface of 28 x 21 inches in dimensions. This is good enough to make space for a laptop as well as notes or any favorite item of yours
Pros Cons
Affordable price It is single-tier so there is no room for another monitor or keyboard
Easy to install Height adjustments are a little stiff
It is sturdy and does not wobble much 1-year warranty only

What makes a good standing desk converter?

There are several things to consider when looking for a standing desk converter. You want something that can easily switch between sitting and standing positions, is sturdy enough not to collapse on you while typing or putting paper in your printer, does not take up too much space, and much more. Let us look into some factors:

Height range

Before purchasing a standing desk converter, it’s essential to consider the height range. Too tall of an individual may find a short product uncomfortable. One may have to slump down, awkwardly bending their spine. This will defeat the whole purpose of the standing desk by ruining your posture nonetheless. Moreover, even some time on such a desk will have your back wailing in anguish. Even your neck will experience discomfort due to looking down.

If a standing desk converter is too tall for you, you will be unable to work at an ergonomically correct level. Despite your back being straight, your neck will have to stay upright, causing stiffness and pain in those muscles. Moreover, your shoulders may hurt because of being in a very uncomfortable position.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the height range provided by the product you are buying will fit your needs according to your height and that of your desk. If you need a basic idea, then a standing desk converter giving you 20 inches above your desk usually is suitable for taller people.


Your standing desk converter should have enough space to fit your monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc. Most standing desk convertors will be big enough for the standard versions of all these things. Still, if you have something bigger than the market standard, you may want to measure how much space your equipment will take and match that with the product dimensions of the product you will buy.

Make sure to get a converter that is somewhat bigger than your equipment. You don’t want your gear toppling over!


A good standing desk converter needs to have durability as well as stability. It has to be supporting the weight of your entire pc system while also bearing the jerks that come with typing on the keyboard. You don’t want your whole system collapsing on itself! Moreover, stability is essential when changing the height of the standing desk converter. It would be useless if you could not change the height of the standing desk converter while your equipment was on it.

Another thing to consider is that the part where you keep the keyboard is usually the wobbliest. Since this part has to bear jerks from your hands, it is best to check the material it is made of and any support to it.

Opt for models that have more robust bases built of sturdy materials and a lower center of gravity. Most standing desk converters that are stable are automatically durable. ANy standing desk convertor made from reliable, sturdy materials will last you a long time! It is also best practice to check the weight capacity of any product before buying it to feel better later.

Height Adjustment

The whole point of the standing desk converter is to convert it from standing to a sitting position. Now imagine a product that makes this basic function hard. The product would practically be useless. It is therefore essential to check how easy and smooth the height-changing transition is.

Most of the products we have reviewed today will use a mechanism that will make this process almost too easy for you. Many feature something like a pneumatic gas spring adjuster that makes the process seem like a piece of cake.

Most lifting or lowering mechanisms are manual, but there are some automatic ones too. In them, you push a button to lower or heighten the standing desk converter. Just know all your options and choose what seems most convenient to you!

Dual Ergonomics

This feature allows you to change the height of the monitor and the keyboard independently. While it may not seem significant but it is crucial for maximum comfort. This ensures that you have a convenient height to rest your arms on while typing. It is important because many people of the same height have differing arm lengths and may need their keyboards at varying heights.

Size Relative to Desk Space

We have already made clear how important it is for your standing desk converter to hold all your equipment, but it is also essential for your standing desk converter to comfortably fit your desk too. This is also to prevent anything from toppling over. You don’t want to drop your expensive computer, now do you?

If you have a unusually shaped desk like a corner desk, you should find converters specific to that particular shape.


While looks may not matter to some, they do matter to the vast majority. If your whole desk setup is sleek and black, a white or wooden standing desk converter will just look odd and out of place. Therefore, it is important to keep your office theme in mind and at least find a color that suits it.

Standing desk converters are usually available in black, white, grey, and a wooden texture.

Other features:

Despite providing excellent features for your standing needs, many standing desk converters provide other cool features like phone or document holders and charging stations. These will give you some extra features to enjoy while working. However, the more the added features, the more the standing desk converter will cost.

Some other features to look for are anti-slip protection, including rubber coverings at the base and easy installation or pre-assembly. Whether or not you value these features depends on personal preference and affordability.


If you’re a tall person like me, then it’s likely that finding the right standing desk converter for your needs is no easy task. After all, not every product on the market has been designed with people of size in mind. So to help narrow down your search and find which one might be best suited for you, we reviewed these products above that are specifically marketed towards taller customers. We hope this helps! Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think or help others with their purchase decision by recommending other top-rated desks that we missed.