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Most Comfortable Office Chair Reviews: Comfy Desk Chairs for Long Hours at the Computer

For many Americans, an office chair is the place you spend most of your day. However, many people have come to dread their office chair as a source of back pain, boredom, and restlessness. That doesn’t have to be the case!

We’ve gone on a comprehensive search for the most comfortable office chairs on the market today. We’ve looked at all sorts of options, from big leather executive chairs, to modernist, ergonomic designer models.

We’ve chosen three models to recommend here, to suit a range of budgets and individual needs. While these seats span a range of features, prices, and looks, they all have one thing in common–they’re extremely comfortable!

In this guide, you’ll find our own in-depth review of all our recommendations. We’ll talk you through all the features you should know about, and show you why we think these models are more comfy than the competition.

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Most Comfortable Office Chair Reviews

1. La-Z-Boy

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This executive model is seriously cushy! It’s the most heavily cushioned model here, and it’s perfect for people who think of comfort mainly in terms of padding.

It has memory foam in the seat and back, with full ergonomic supports and layered body pillows to keep you floating all day.

It’s also the most rugged model here, with a high weight capacity and plenty of room for taller people. If you like lots of cushion, or are looking for a comfortable leather seat, look no further!


It uses layered memory foam for cushioning. This is one of the least expensive options for an all memory foam seat. The layers give you custom support that fits your own body.

You’ll get pressure relief where you need it, and buoyed support where you’re lighter. If you’ve used a memory foam mattress before, you’ll know how effective the material can be for relieving pressure points.

There are five layers of cushioning in all, each with a different purpose. The light, fluffy top layer is polyester fill, like other model. Then, there’s a layer of memory foam, like a mattress topper. In the middle, there are two additional layers of comfort foam cushioning. The bottom layer is split to give you firm boost support at the back of the seat, and more soft cushioning at the front.

Memory foam is also more resilient than the fiber stuffing or lighter foams that are used in most other office chairs. As a result, this model keeps its comfiness longer than a lot of the competing models.

It looks very impressive. This one is upholstered in all-over leather for a classy, executive look. It looks right at home in a legal office, a home library, or any other sophisticated setting. We like it because it has lots of modern touches, but dressed in a classic look.

Even though it’s traditional, it accounts for modern ergonomics. This one has a waterfall edge, lumbar support, and a cushioned headrest. You can adjust the height, tilt, and lift using easy side levers.

It’s heavy duty. This one’s built to handle “big and tall” buyers. It’s rated up to 400 pounds, and has a nice high back for taller bodies. It’s one of the only models that can provide a roomy seat for just about anyone.

It’s reinforced to make sure it holds up to all-day, everyday use. The core is thick plywood, and the back of it is reinforced with a metal bar. The base legs are made from hardwoods, and the casters are nylon.

It’s covered by a 10-year warranty.


It’s definitely not the cheapest thing on the market. Still, we think it’s the cheapest you’d want to spend all day in.

Some buyers didn’t like the large waterfall edge on the front of it.

A few reviewers weren’t impressed by the bonded leather finish on the surface. They said it wasn’t quite as good as they were expecting from La-Z-Boy.

2. Herman Miller Aeron

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The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the best-selling office chairs of all time! It’s an absolute design classic, and we recommend it as a way to get Herman Miller’s legendary adjustments and ergonomics for a lower cost than you’d pay for the company’s flagship Embody model.


The Aeron packs a lot of smart design tweaks under the hood, but still retains a familiar profile. If you like the smart ergonomics of Herman Miller’s Embody chair, but want something a bit more traditional, check out the Aeron!

While it’s not quite as recent as the Embody, it’s still very impressive. This chair won the Design of the Decade award back in the 1990s, and it’s a permanent fixture in the Museum of Modern Art.

And since it’s an older model, it’s a lot more affordable than the Embody. We’ve seen it listed for half the price of the Embody in some sales! Even if you get it at full price, you’ll save hundreds and get the next best thing.

The Aeron uses pellicle mesh on the seat and the back as an alternative to traditional cushioning. The specially-designed mesh system distributes weight over a wider area, which helps with your circulation, and prevents sore spots.

The PostureFit design encourages a slight forward tilt in the user’s pelvis. That’s to mimic proper standing posture, and prevent any collapse in the lower back. It creates an active line of engagement all up your spine. The Aeron is the furthest thing from a chair that you sink into!

While you might not think that sounds like a recipe for comfort, think again! Many cases of chronic back pain are caused by furniture allows the spine to curve forward, rather than slightly backward in a natural “S” shape. So, the Aeron is a proactive way to get better posture and prevent back pain at work!

We like the Aeron for ergonomics in particular because it’s so adjustable. You can use the easy knobs to adjust the PostureFit lumbar support, as well as the recline angle, seat height, and armrests. We love being able to adjust the tilt tension as well as the angle!

There are smart design tweaks throughout the seat to solve traditional pressure points in office furniture. For instance, the waterfall edge on the front of the seat helps preserve leg circulation, keeping your blood flowing freely. Likewise, the back ends of the armrests are curved as well, preventing any pinching.

It also comes in three different sizes, so you can find the exact fit for your body! Few things make more of a difference in a seat’s overall comfort than finding something built to your measurements. You can use the online sizing charts to find the perfect Aeron for you.

Just like the pricier Embody, the Aeron has a sturdy, dependable frame, 12-year warranty coverage, and American build quality.

So, for a good compromise between traditional aesthetics and modern ergonomics, try the Aeron! It’s also a slightly more affordable option than the Embody, making the Herman Miller brand a bit more accessible to buyers.


It won’t be universally comfortable, even though it’s very adjustable. We’ve found that Herman Miller’s are a bit love-or-hate, and this one’s no exception. Give it a try if you’re not sure! We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

Even though this is a lot more affordable than an Embody, it’s not exactly cheap. This is still a premium chair so prepare to make an investment.

3. Herman Miller Embody

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For a lot of people, comfort depends less on cushion than on proper alignment. If you sit properly, your body is less strained and will feel fewer aches and pains.

That’s where this model excels. The Embody is Herman Miller’s flagship seat, and it’s one of the smartest chairs ever designed.

The Embody uses a special linked suspension system to provide balanced support across the seat and the back. It’s furniture that moves with you, so you constantly get proper support no matter how you adjust.

Plus, it has the infinite customization features we love about Herman Miller products. If you’re looking for the ultimate in ergonomic comfort, this is your new throne!


It looks great. The Embody has a modern, minimalist design which instantly stands out. It also comes in 12 different colors, so you can fit it to your personal style.

The whole upholstery face is colored, so you can achieve a simple, bold look that’s perfect for any modern workplace.

It’s been designed by medical experts as well as style designers. That’s how you know it’s ergonomic!

The designers actually designed the back of it to mimic the human spine. The intersecting “vertebrae” and “ribs” provide even, balanced support along both the seat and back.

The unique suspension design works like a matrix, with many intersecting points holding you up and providing support. While other models provide a passive platform for you to sit on, this system actually stimulates blood and oxygen flow.

The coolest part of this system is that it’s not static. All the little joints and support links move as you do, so you can adjust in your seat and still be properly supported. As far as we know, the Embody is the only chair on the market that works like this.

It has fully-adjustable lumbar support. Herman Miller developed this system in the 1990s, and continue to use it today. You simply adjust a knob, and you can control the firmness and prominence of the lumbar support mound.

You can customize nearly every aspect of it. You can adjust the height, depth, tilt, recline tension, and the comfort zone of the chair. You can also adjust both the height and width of the armrests.

The textiles used in the upholstery are designed to mimic human skin in the way they breathe and flex. Previous buyers said it’s extremely comfortable, and feels like a hybrid between mesh and microfiber.

It’s built to last, and made right here in the USA. The Embody is made from tough nylon and composites, which are all covered by a very generous 12-year warranty.

It’s eco-friendly. This chair is made from mostly recycled materials, and is almost entirely recyclable itself when you’re done with it.


It’s extremely pricey.

While it’s almost infinitely adjustable to suit everybody, some buyers simply didn’t like the Embody. It defines comfort as proper support and alignment, not plush cushion. If you like to sink into a chair, this probably isn’t the one for you.

See Also


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If you’re looking for something a bit less traditional for your office chair, you ought to have a look at this DXracer model. This chair is one of our all-time favorite styles for gaming, and it’s ideally suited to desk work, as well. Why do we love it so much?

Most office chairs are padded with either fiber filling or light foam. Both of those fillings squish down over time, and can leave you with a fraction of the cushion you had when you first bought the chair.

This model uses a special high-density, cold-cure foam for padding. It doesn’t wear down, and it doesn’t collapse under heavier users. This one’s comfortable for the very, very long term.

In the ergonomics department, don’t let the simple look fool you. This one comes with an adjustable lumbar support, as well as a neck and head cushion. It has all the key features to keep you supported, which is key to back comfort.

It’s heavy-duty, too. It’s built around a tubular steel base and frame. The frame on this chair is covered by a lifetime warranty, and the parts are covered for two years. The vinyl outer material cleans easily and is virtually impossible to scratch or stain.

And, of course, it looks fantastic. This chair is a great way to stand out from the black and brown office space tedium! If you work in a tech-y company, or simply want to show off your racing or gaming style at work, the DXracer is a good choice for you.

Which is the Most Comfortable Desk Chair for You?

If you’re looking for a leather chair, or a more traditional aesthetic, we highly recommend the La-Z-Boy. It’s also the better choice for people who are most comfortable in a chair with lots of cushion. This is the most affordable of the three we’ve recommended, too.

The La-Z-Boy is the best chair here for people who are heavier or taller than average, since it’s both the largest and rated for the heaviest users. We’d recommend it to people who like a big, plush chair that relieves pressure for long days at the desk.

For a premium experience without an exorbitant price tag, check out the Herman Miller Aeron. It provides superb ergonomics and enough adjustments to suit nearly anybody. It’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Embody, and the next best thing.

If you’re looking for the absolute best in ergonomics, we recommend the Herman Miller Embody. It’s the only one of our recommendations to actually be designed in partnership with doctors, and it’s one of the only chairs on the market that actively stimulates as well as supports your spine.

It’s leaps and bounds ahead of anything else on the market in terms of ergonomics. Previous buyers and professional reviewers alike raved about its ability to relieve spinal stress, back pain, and other issues normally caused by sitting. However, it’s very expensive, and people who like lots of cushion might not enjoy this one.

How to Shop for a Comfy Computer Chair

Know your body:

There’s no simple way to determine what makes a chair comfortable. That’s because our bodies are all different, and specific features determine each of our comfort levels. You’ll want to think about the chairs that make you feel the most comfortable.

Consider padding versus support, the slope of the back, the amount of lumbar support, and all the other features that make a difference for you personally.

If you like lots of padding, you’ll want to look for a chair with thick cushioning. We prefer chairs with foam cushioning more than fiber padding, since foam lasts longer and holds its shape better. If you can afford to spend a little more money, you can find options with memory foam layers like you’d find in a nice mattress.

While it’s tempting to find the plushest chair out there, make sure you’re buying a model that has some structure to the padding, so your back can’t sink in too far. If it does, you can end up curving your spine, and that often means back pain. So, even if you’re looking for something on the cushy side, make sure you don’t forget to check for basic ergonomic support (lumbar support, headrest cushioning, and seat adjustments).

If you’re more interested in ergonomic support, look for a chair that helps to maintain proper spinal alignment. Look for a model with a waterfall edge, which relieves pressure on legs and joints.

Make sure your seat isn’t sloped backward–you want a bit of forward momentum to keep your spine upright at your desk. We also suggest looking for a few key things in the back of the chair.

You want a lumbar support for the lower back. Even better, look for a chair with adjustable lumbar support. While chairs with adjustable support cost more, they’re easier to fit to your own body. Make sure your upper back is also supported, with a nice firm backing that doesn’t cause your shoulders to cave.

If you’re a taller person, or simply want more neck support, look for a high-back chair. These have headrests and molded shoulder padding which allows your whole upper body to be supported at the desk.

If you have specific back pain issues or other ongoing concerns, you should look for features that help alleviate your symptoms. If you can’t afford a customizable, premium chair with amazing ergonomics, find something sturdy and simple with basic ergonomic form.

You can add on your own personalized padding, as well. Extra pillows are often a more affordable way to customize a chair, and suit an imperfect chair to your specific needs.

Consider your budget:

Office chairs’ prices vary. To get something really comfortable, you’ll want to spend at least $100.

Below that, you’re looking at very basic, utilitarian chairs with minimal padding and very little ergonomic support. No matter what your preferences are, these models are almost guaranteed to be uncomfortable.

Above it, you’ll find a whole range of chairs, with a different mix of ergonomic support and cushioning. The more you spend, the more sophisticated the ergonomic features will be. More expensive chairs have more adjustments, which help fit the ergonomic supports to your body.

It’s also a good rule of thumb that more expensive chairs will last longer. That’s because they use sturdier core materials, like nylon, metal, and real wood instead of plastic and cheap fiberboard. They also have better quality control on the upholstery stitching, so they’re less likely to come apart.

The other big durability factor is the padding. Cheap chairs use polyester fill or light foam, which can pack down easily and lose comfort fast. More expensive chairs use memory foam or cold-cure foams, which last much better.

Look for lots of adjustments:

No matter how many fancy features a chair has, it won’t be comfortable if it doesn’t fit you. That’s why it’s important to make sure any chair has adjustments to help you make it work for your specific body shape.

Look for height adjustment on any chair, preferably with tilt control. Other helpful features we like are adjustable armrests, seat depth control, and flexible cushioning. Premium chairs allow you to control the amount of cushioning, the prominence of the lumbar support, and more.

What’s Next?

If you’re still not sure about which chair is going to be your comfort champion, take a look at Amazon’s top selling models or go back to our top office chair reviews to find more products! You can see where our recommendations fit into the market, and compare lots of other great options that didn’t make our final cut.