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Device as a Service (DaaS)【Ultimate Guide】

Device as a service is the new cool for the IT industry these days. Wish to know what it is?

Device as a service, usually known as DaaS, is a service provision by computing devices. These are paid services and include a variety of devices ranging between smartphones to laptops and more.

The point is it is a supply chain model that is up and running through various IT firms for the benefit of the general public.

More on it below!

Device As a Service – What it does?

Basically, device as a service has two main functions:

  • Providing user flexibility.
  • Helping providers in generating new and varied revenue streams.

Above all, it is about convenience and efficiency and works on both ends, i.e. for providers and for customers.

Benefits of Device as a Service

The benefits of device as a service are far too many given that it is provided by 65% of computer manufacturers in 2019 as opposed to 0% in 2015. Such a huge market share reflects how efficient it is and the high in demand for IT businesses. As technology grows, it grows with it. Some of the benefits for customers and providers are listed below: 

For customers


Flexibility in the IT industry is always a sought out feature. While the benefits of device as a service are numerous, flexibility remains common for both users and providers. It allows scaling up and down of devices as and when needed.

What does that mean?

Resizing a system, device or object. In common terms, it is making a device faster or compatible according to load, usually by increasing its capability. It is well known that workload varies in technological settings; hence high flexibility helps in efficient working.


Daas is high cost-effective given it:

  • Decreases capital expenses
  • Is more secure
  • Increases productivity
  • Saves time

These features make it an attractive offer compared to subscription as a service solutions, which are relatively expensive. How is Daas inexpensive?

There are no costs of computing hardware. No upfront payments are needed as well. From installation to maintenance, all expenses are covered by the per-user cost. This means you only pay for what you use instead of buying heavy devices for a fraction of the work. This immensely cuts the prices as you only pay the operational costs.

As DaaS is used in IT firms, you can further cut costs by providing each worker with the kind of device they need for work. This way, there are no chances of overpayment, and teamwork efficiency also increases as everyone has the exact device that they need.

Maintenance and accidental damages in traditional services are common. They cost a fortune. But if you have Daas, you need not worry about additional costs. It covers maintenance under the contract. Hence, it keeps the device’s price affordable.


Security of devices has been diluted in the remote working conditions, given employees tend to connect devices to insecure networks. Traditionally, the office setting avoided this issue. However, the rise in remote working conditions poses a challenge to IT companies. DaaS is the solution to this problem. Once you purchase a device as a service, it provides security regarding:

  • Mal-functioning by bugs or viruses
  • Policy violations
  • Virus disruption or virus attacks
  • Overall data protection.

To avoid further security breaches, it helps in quick problem detection and tracks it down before it spreads to the entire system. With such tough security protocols, it is bound to remain safe even in remote or virtual working conditions.

This is a convenient problem resolution that shows that you don’t need IT interventions every time something malfunctions.


What is most efficient about DaaS is that it is huge on time-saving. Your IT team will be freely spending time on work, unworried that regarding maintenance, that is the business of the provider. This will increase work speed and productivity.

The work-suitable devices provided to workers will also contribute to time-saving.

Downtime issues are also catered to immediately, making the work-less hours minimal. With smooth working, the efficiency of the work naturally increases.

For providers


In the case of layoffs, the employers are left with multiple extra devices. The providers can take them back and reuse them without additional costs for a new project. Also, the disposal and upgrading are up to the providers so they can choose to upgrade when and how they prefer.

This gives them great freedom to experiment with various businesses.

Lower sourcing costs

It is a money saver venture provided you outsource the DaaS technology to sister companies and IT firms. Managing the work is easy as well as reduces your costs greatly. The recycling and efficiency of the work also help in improving the revenue of the provider.

Revenue generating

A survey revealed that the majority of IT companies that were surveyed showed interest in getting the DaaS for their employees as an efficient way of working. This means a higher business opportunity for providers and, therefore, a better and regular income generator.

Device as a Service: Examples

There are multiple devices and firms that use the device as a service technology and are involved in providing it. HP and Dell are the most common ones. However, there are numerous other device as a service providers that carry a market share in this regard. The most popular ones are as follows:

View from above. Business,startup, teamwork concept. Startup partners sitting at coworking space talking about future project, looking through examples of work on laptop and digital tablet



HP is a well-known computer manufacturer that is now most famous for devices as a service provider. Not only does it provide DaaS according to job needs, but it also gives an improved employee experience by increasing the compatibility of devices being used by a particular worker.

These devices include but are not limited to Windows and Chrome Enterprises.

Repair and maintenance

Many suppliers provide repairing services; however, HP’s efficiency is unquestionable. It has a separate analytics platform for quick detection, prevention, and treatment of the issues surrounding your device.

HP makes it its job to provide top-of-the-line repair services and keeps it hassle-free for you due to the absence of IT intervention requirements.


HP device as a service costs are minimal. Not only are HP services affordable, but they also provide various features on the same budget. This gives it brownie points. Al-driven analytics is one such feature that helps you achieve maximum productivity while monitoring your IT expenditure. This keeps all the processes light on your pocket.

Furthermore, it keeps everything in the budget by:

  • Increasing and monitoring cash flow
  • Cycling refreshment
  • Flexibility of payment

All these features make HP a hero of optimizing the device lifecycle, making it easier on your pocket. In addition to all, the security risks are minimal. The best part? To complement these services, HP offers the following technical advancements that are highly effective:

Lifecycle management

HP caters to all your needs at every stage. Starting from plan to configuring and deployment, it provides complete assistance. Moreover, the recovery and renewal of the services and contract are also simple and hassle-free. With help at every stage, HP proves itself as a worthy service provider.

Cloud-based services

Storage is significant for every IT firm surely. In this regard, cloud-based services are transparent and convenient. HP also offers multi-OS insights so that complicated tasks can be efficiently managed by limited resources. This also helps in decreasing the load for the company.

Wolf Security

As the name indicates, Wolf Security HP is fierce in keeping your data protected and away from cyber attacks. You can fortify for service protection with this excellent security solution. 

Device as a Service Lenovo

If HP provides a hassle-free experience, Lenovo is also a well-established brand. The flexibility it offers to customers is just the solution needed for new problems of remote working and high costs.

Lenovo’s strategy is employee-centric. Since a business is made up of employee work efficiency, the more convenience they are provided, the more a business will grow. Hence using DaaS is crucial. Especially for remote workers.

In the present covid hit economy, the hefty prices and latest device designs are hard to find in the same place. But Lenovo ensures price competitiveness with the latest technologies out in the market. Doubtlessly, Lenovo device as a service pricing is worth every penny spent.

In addition to newness, the devices are secured from any kind of cyberattacks and are installed efficiently by the company itself. Giving the customers a relaxing experience.

Some of the most common services here include:

  • Efficient with fewer prices
  • Internal resource management
  • Monitoring of expenditure in correspondence to revenue
  • Smooth cash flows
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Increased connectivity, support, and productivity anywhere
  • No high downtime expenses
  • Resolution of security risks anywhere

Numerous technical features are also offered, but it is clear that Lenovo has everything needed in a great device as a service provider. 

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Device as a Service Dell

Dell offers a wholesome and comprehensive package for its business partners. The regular features of Dell’s Daas are:

  • Zero upfront payments
  • Fixed payments on a monthly basis
  • Antivirus for security included in the package
  • Automatic problem identification
  • Data removal and recycling is secured for end term
  • Updating of PCs every three years, although a four-year package also exists to facilitate the users.

You can manage complex work processes by maximizing your employee efficiency through Dell. All this at an affordable budget.

Maintaining cash flow

Maintaining cash flow liquidity is foremost. Here you don’t need any kind of prior investment. S makes use of this option where there are no hidden charges. Use it to your benefit.

Furthermore, payments are only required once PCs are delivered to the buyer. This ensures transparency of the payment process. This also means n upfront payments. Win-win deal.

Cost reduction

Dell offers you a cost-effective option given it provides

  • Technical expertise
  • Al tools

Which helps in maintaining the lifecycle as well as reducing repair costs.

Zero disposal burden

The upgrading of your devices is real and completely hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about disposal. Dell will be in charge of it and exchange devices for the latest ones at the end of the contract. Quick and simple.

Above all, it will take loads off your hands so that you have one thing less to worry about.

Modernized management

Customer support is available 24/7. You can get all the information required that will assist you in deploying, managing, securing and supporting the devices at your firm. Your convenience is close to Dell.

Payment options

Flexible payments options exist for the device as a service Dell. Flexible financing options are everything you can rave about. Apart from these, you can get upgrades:

Flex up



All these for a mere 150 units through payment experts of Dell.

Customized hardware

The hardware is designed to keep all your employees productive by engaging them through research-driven end-user solutions.

All these features are only a fraction of how great a device as service Dell is. You will have to actually use it to know the rest.

 Device as a Service: Microsoft

If you are tired of hefty upfront costs by the device as a service providers, then you must opt for Microsoft, which offers you small regular payments that you can afford on a monthly basis. Not only does it offers upfront price reduction, but it also ensures freeing up of the IT budget for additional costs. It’s a money saver on all fronts. So why worry about high initial prices when Microsoft has eased down everything for you?

The plan options offered are scalable according to your load needs. Just add devices to your shopping cart and see your business growth skyrocketing. Apart from this, the solutions it offers are wide-ranging, including:

  • Peripherals
  • Phones
  • Room systems
  • Accessories

All are as you need them for the creation of custom bundles. Everything at your disposal.

Lastly, it gives you access to the latest technology that will surely increase your growth by increasing your exposure. At the contract end, you can refresh it for further assistance and the latest upgrades available for your convenience.

Avaya Device as a Service

Avaya device as a service offers amazing benefits for its users.

What does it have in store for you? The following:

Flexibility of subscription

This is common to most providers and hence is present in Avaya too. You have the option to buy your needed devices and for the set time period that you need them.

Convenient cancellation

With a variety of options in terms of the need for a device to the time needed, cancellation is also simple. No complex terms and conditions. You can cancel anytime. Absolutely no prerequisites to bind you if you are in financial crunches.


Upgrades can be received on the go. There are absolutely no penalty charges. Like subscription options, you also have options in upgrading as and when you need them.

Improved communications

In addition to a variety of options, Avaya also provides you access to advanced business portfolio communication devices. This means greater exposure and convenience of communications, all in your hands.

Latest options

If these offers were any less, Avaya would be perfect for exchanging older technological devices for current ones. No complications. No hidden charges. Just simple exchange to your benefit. Bravo.

Cloud subscription

Surprisingly you can connect your device with a cloud subscription by Avaya for the same money. What else can you wish for?

It is easy to deduce that Avaya leaves a high amount of control to users’ hands, making it a provider that is best for companies looking for customizable plans. It is good for all kinds and ranges of firms, everyone with a discrete plan,

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Device as a Service vs Leasing

Aerial view of a business team

Device as a service providers is a truly attractive new model for supply, but the question arises how it is different from leasing? This will be answered in the following section device as a service vs leasing.

Defining leasing

Leasing is a common term. The concert entails that in exchange for money, a person or company is allowed to use land or equipment or any such thing which is given in exchange for money temporarily for a set amount of time. How is it different from DaaS?

DaaS definitely does have some aspects of a simple lease agreement; however, some of its components such as service, cycle upgrades and device management differ. These differences will be clear after reading the following part. Let’s go!


In leasing, there are options for purchasing the leased product. In terms of Daas Companies do not intend to buy the equipment. The reason being it is more economical and hassle-free to keep the ownership with the device as a service provider. This way, the price is low, there are no maintenance costs, security is high as well as disposal and upgrading is solely the job of the service provider. The IT company only needs to pay a sum and buy all these services at an affordable price.

This strategy is highly beneficial as it simplifies management and helps keep up with the latest technology at the same price in the contract. Support and maintenance are provided separately. So it is a win-win for the purchaser.

In terms of the lease, everything is up to the purchaser. If an accident befalls or any damage comes to the equipment, it is completely the liability of the customer. So it is expensive as well as complex to have lease ownership of the equipment.


Flexibility, as discussed multiple times above, is the hallmark of the DaaS model. It includes the scaling up and scaling down options according to the business conditions that help adapt to change. The contract already marks percentages in times of lower load; however, it is completely up to the company to either lower their subscription or completely cancel it out. Cancellation options are readily available.

Contrary to it, the leasing agreements have zero scaling down options. Even if you have a lower workload, you still have to pay hefty costs to the provider on a monthly basis. This seems unfair as it puts you at a loss as well as costly to your business.

Services and support

The best thing about the DaaS model is that in addition to the hardware, you can purchase services and support for your company. You need support and assistance at the max when in a corporate setting. It also helps in improving work speed and hence directly impacts your business growth. Although there is a monthly cost for it, you have help at all levels.

As opposed to it, lease agreements only have a limited number of services as pre-decided in the agreement. So in case you have a new problem at work, that lease support is of no good to you. Also, it is usually 15% of the total lease value, which is very low and doesn’t cover high standard problem resolution. This means no automated services as offered by Daas such as:

  • Patching
  • Updates
  • Monitoring
  • Repairs
  • Customer service


DaaS model is one step ahead even here as it offers consolidated billing on monthly costs, including on devices, software, and services. Such an option is unavailable in lease agreements.

This entire device as a service vs leasing rivalry signifies that DaaS has the upper hand in the majority of the aspects, and that’s why it is the up and coming supply model. It’s definitely different from lease agreements, but it is evident that one is the clear winner.

It depends on the business outcome. Surely what a company chooses for itself but at such affordable costs with wide-ranging service and support, purchasing anything other than DaaS would be a terrible mistake.

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Final verdict

It is clear from the entire discussion that device as the service is the best supply model these days. For IT companies who are always in search of new avenues of investment to increase employee efficiency and productivity, DaaS is the model to be followed. There are numerous great device as a service provider companies like HP and Dell; however, you can always make up your own customized plan and choose the company that suits you best. Till then, adios!