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Best Standing Desk Chairs and Stools for Office

Even today, most people do not know much about standing desk chairs.

Well, let us rewind!

You’ve been at work all day, and your back is killing you. You take a break to stretch, but it only lasts for a few minutes before the pain sets in again. Your boss catches you on one of these breaks and asks what’s wrong. “I’m just sitting too long,” you say with an embarrassed laugh. You know deep down that this isn’t going to be the last time this happens today – or tomorrow for that matter. To fix the situation, you simply get a standing desk.

But now, standing for too long has you exhausted again. There is no support even for a minute! Don’t worry; you can now benefit from a standing desk chair! Not only will this allow you to stand and be productive, but it will give highly customizable support to your back and hips to prevent you from getting tired.

That being said, there are far too many standing desk chairs available on the market. It can be hard to find one that fits both your budget and needs. That’s why we compiled this list of our favorites for you to browse through and see what might suit you best. We hope this post helps make finding a new chair easier for you!

But first, let us look into what precisely a standing desk chair is and the factors you need to consider before buying one.

What is a standing desk chair?

A standing desk chair is an ergonomic seat that allows you to work on your computer while sitting or standing. This type of chair gives you the option to have a more ergonomic position during work, and doing so (in my opinion) also makes you more productive! I know what you’re thinking: won’t have such a chair take away from the exercise that comes with getting up and down from a normal seated position? That’s not true at all. In fact, according to experts like Dr. James Levine and others, standing can burn up to 20% more calories than sitting!

A standing desk chair usually features a very minimalistic design. They usually just have a small seat on a bicycle with no arms or back support. (Although many varieties are just like normal chairs but with increased height) While it can be challenging for a while to get used to, this is one of the main reasons standing helps you burn more calories; because you have no other choice but to move around. You do not have the comfort of slacking off into one position for hours.

Apart from this, many standing desk chairs usually do not have any wheels on them. This is because you typically lean on them; if they had wheels, you would roll right off!

How to use a standing desk chair?

A standing desk chair is usually used to give support to you while you are standing. This is generally in two ways, perching, and leaning. You can perch on the edge of your standing desk chair while you are working. At this point, your legs are at a 135-degree angle. This ensures more support to your hips and back, especially when you need to type something out or write it down; this helps balance you if you are leaning forward while doing it.

The other way is leaning. Leaning includes an almost upright position. This removes less tension from your legs and feet while standing, but it will be more effective at burning calories.

However, due to the high adjustability of standing desk chairs, you can use them in almost any way you want. Perhaps, this is the reason for their recent popularity.

Why use a standing desk chair?

You’ve probably heard people say that sitting increases your possibility of getting diseases like diabetes type 2 and heart disease. If you are interested in lowering these risks (which I assume you are, since you’re reading this), then a changing position from seated to standing should do just that! On top of that, it forces your body into a different posture, and after some time, it will become second nature!

Benefits of a standing desk chair 

Standing desk chairs have a plethora of health benefits. They:

  • Improve your health, save you money, and make you more productive.
  • Strengthen bones, relieve lower back pain, and it’s healthier for the heart.
  • Standing up will promote productivity and prevent you from slacking off.
  • Can strengthen your core by engaging it
  • Allow movement of the body even during prolonged periods of sitting
  • Promote active sitting
  • Can sometimes be used as a regular chair
  • Are more reasonably priced than normal office chairs.
  • Will promote weight loss by increasing the calories you burn.

Best Standing Desk Chairs in 2023

Here are our top picks for the finest standing desk chairs.

Vari Active Seat10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Check Price
Seville Classics Desk tool9/10
Check Price
Office Star Drafting & Standing Desk Chair9/10
Check Price
Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool by Learniture Store8/10
Check Price
LeanRite Elite Ergonomic Standing Desk Chair8/10
Check Price
SOHO Soft Pad Drafting Chair7/10
Check Price
HAG Capisco Standing Desk Chair8/10
Check Price
Modway Veer Drafting Chair7/10
Check Price
Focal Locus Chair8/10
Check Price
Boss Office Products DOT Drafting Stool8/10
Check Price
Boss Office Drafting Chair7/10
Check Price

Vari Active Seat


Pros Cons
Easy to move around Seat is somewhat hard 
Comes fully assembled
Can rise to up to 35 inches

The Vari Active Seat is by far the most comfortable way to sit at your desk, whether it is standing or sitting. It’s an adjustable ergonomic standing chair that will help you give your legs a break from standing while still keeping your core engaged while working. This is proven to be better for your health than sitting all day. The Vari Active Seat comes with a tilt guard so you can lean back without worrying about falling over; it does not lean more than 20 degrees!

With its wide cushioned seat, this adjustable ergonomic standing chair can support a weight of up to 250 lbs. It also comes fully assembled, so you do not have to worry about setting it up. When it comes to design, the slightly raised back side is great for providing support to your lower back and reducing pressure on it, all while maintaining a great posture.

Seville Classics Desk tool


Pros Cons
3-year warranty Height only goes up to 28 inches
airlift pneumatic gas adjustment
360-degree rotation

Seville Classics is proud to present its new adjustable height, rotating, and spinning desk chair. The Seville Classic will make your workday more active than ever before. With a simple lever, you can adjust the seat from 20″ to 28″ high, giving you the perfect position for wherever your tasks lie. The best part is, it uses pneumatic gas, so your adjustments will be silent and convenient in a busy office atmosphere.

At 10 degrees off-center, the seat also rotates 360 degrees so that you can spin wobble while working at your desk. This will help engage your core and improve your balance. The nonslip plush foam seat will keep you comfortable and carefree as you sit and type away at your workstation with no risk of falling off! It is suitable for people up to 250 lbs. Another great thing we like about this design is how sleek and modern it is. It fits well in any kind of decor while also being comfortable with its breathable mesh fabric seat.

Office Star Drafting & Standing Desk Chair

Pros Cons
Adjustable footrest Not an active chair
Lumbar support Small footrest
Reasonable Price

The Office Star Drafting & Standing Desk Chair is the perfect choice for your office. This chair has a breathable mesh seat that will prevent you from sweating out of your skin on hot days. This can prevent general discomfort and even skin irritation and rashes.

This is the perfect chair who want their sitting chairs to be comfortable rather than active. Built-in with lumbar support, it is ideal for long days at work. The pneumatic height adjustment ranges from 24.25 inches to 33.75 inches, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for your legs and feet while sitting at either a sitting or standing desk.

Back adjustment allows you to adjust the lumbar support based on your needs and preferences, providing extra comfort as you sit down after a long-standing session. One of the best features of this chair is the adjustable footrest. Hanging your feet in the air while sitting can make them go numb. This chair will get rid of that problem.

Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool by Learniture Store


Pros Cons
Nonslip base Seat is somewhat hard
Good portability Aesthetic is not liked by everyone
Pneumatic gas lift

This Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool is the right stool for the right sit-down experience. If quirky-looking furniture is your thing, then this is definitely the stool that you should go for. The backless design encourages good posture, ensuring your spine is straightened out as you sit, ensuring a healthier back down the road. Another interesting thing about its design is the base. The base is a wide 12-inch nonslip surface that will ensure a lot of tilting, wobbling, and rocking movements for you without the risk of falling off.

The pneumatic gas lift adjusts the seat easily and quietly from 18 1/2 to 28 inches. The 12 5/8″-wide seat offers comfort and support, while its lightweight design makes it easy to move around your office space; you can easily drag it out whenever you are too tired of standing at your desk. This unique standing desk chair is available in 3 different colors, black, grey, and red, whatever suits your taste.

LeanRite Elite Ergonomic Standing Desk Chair


Pros Cons
Anti-fatigue mat Expensive
Adjustable posture support Not too portable
Can support up to 270 pounds Table

The LeanRite Elite ergonomic chair is the perfect solution for your back pain, posture, and overall health. The patented design allows you to sit or stand while working at your desk. The ergonomic back support relieves pressure on your spine and helps you maintain a healthy posture while sitting. It also manages tailbone numbness.

The adjustable seat height allows you to find the perfect balance point between standing and sitting so that you can work longer without getting fatigued or straining yourself. In other words, you can stand, perch, lean, or sit on this chair. It will help you with everything!

This chair comes with an anti-fatigue mat that absorbs vibration from typing, wobbling, and any other movements you will make, helping to reduce pressure on your feet and legs as you perch throughout the day. How great is that! This chair is pricier when compared to our other products, but trust us, it is totally worth the extra bucks. Another thing is that you will need to spend a little time assembling this chair. Don’t get us wrong; it isn’t hard; it just isn’t as easy as other simpler designs.

SOHO Soft Pad Drafting Chair


Pros Cons
Soft padded chair May be tall for shorter people
Supports a max weight of 400 pounds Requires assembly

The SOHO Drafting Chair is the perfect chair for anyone who wants to work at a standing desk with maximum comfort. With its super soft padding and built-in lumbar support, it won’t tire you out even if you sit on it for hours. You can easily alternate between active standing and comfortable sitting with this product. It supports up to 400 pounds of weight which is more than any of its competitors. Therefore, it is the best chair for plus-size individuals.

The chair has a durable aluminum base with a steel foot ring, so your feet do not have to dangle uncomfortably. The frame is strengthened steel with removable arms, making it really durable in the long run. This also makes it a great investment in comfortable office life. This ergonomic chair has both leather and fabric upholstery options according to your preferences.

The leather makes it easy to clean, giving an executive look to the chair while the fabric is more breathable and comfortable. Both options have ten colors available for maximum customizability. The chair uses a convenient gas lift lever to change the height from 24.5 to 33 inches. Interestingly, the chair ships with armrests, but they are removable! All in all, this chair will provide you durability, comfort, and customizability all in one!

HAG Capisco Standing Desk Chair


Pros Cons
Many sitting positions Expensive
Soft padded seat No armrests
Includes backrest

Meet the most unique standing desk chair on the market. Even by the first look, you will see that this chair is not something that you are used to seeing. It has a distinct ergonomic design that is designed to support your body in ways you would not have imagined. The seat has a saddle design that provides dented spaces for your thighs to rest comfortably.

The shape of the back lets your spine rest alongside it, making it easy to rest after a long day. Its back is designed as such so you can sit with the back against your chest. Moreover, The wide, soft saddle seat provides comfort for people of all sizes. The dream with this chair is to make sitting comfortably in any position. It also features a fully adjustable seat height that can be raised from 22.5″ – 33″, so you can find the perfect fit when using this chair for your standing desk or even your normal office desk.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this chair is environmentally friendly, being built from 50% recyclable materials and being 90% recyclable itself. The company also offers a wide range of customizability for you with three upholstery options: leather, polyester, and vinyl. The only downside to this chair is that it will put a big dent in your bank. But considering all it offers, we think it is worth it. It’s time to stand up for your health!

Modway Veer Drafting Chair


Pros Cons
Include backrest Requires assembly
Flippable armrests Uncomfortable for short people
Breathable mesh back

It’s only been a few days since I’ve started using the Modway Veer Drafting Chair, but it has already become my new favorite seat. It’s comfortable and makes me feel like I’m sitting in a luxury chair at an expensive office. The Modway Veer Drafting Chair is the perfect choice for any office. With a height-adjustable seat and back, you can find your perfect position to work.

The height ranges from 21.5″ to 29.5″, so it is great for people of all heights but especially tall people. It may leave some short people dangling in the air. It is very easy to adjust this height using a single lever. You don’t even have to get up! The mesh back provides ergonomic support while also being breathable for prolonged sitting in hot hours.

The padded waterfall mesh seat cradles your body while also letting your legs fall effortlessly without causing any discomfort to them. This chair is also supported by lower lumbar support and an armrest that will keep you comfortable all day long. Moreover, the arms are flippable up to 90 degrees! The sleek design of this chair makes it a great addition to any desk in your office. You can swivel the chair 360 degrees. The chair is easy to assemble and is available in black, blue, gray, and red.

Focal Locus Chair


Pros Cons
Sturdy Build Takes up a lot of space
Good height range Doesn’t support upright position
Built-in footrest Poor sitting mobility

The Focal Locus Chair is an ergonomic chair designed to encourage dynamic movement while perched against it. The seat has a nice nonslip fabric with a design that will help you lean comfortably on it. The pivoting seat leg allows the user to move freely without fear of tipping over. Unlike most of its competitors, the chair features a built-in raised footrest that prevents you from tiring your feet out from the pressure of leaning against the chair for long hours.

It also includes an anti-fatigue mat to make it easier to use for prolonged hours. However, the lack of lumbar support on the chair may cause discomfort when used for long. Despite being manufactured in China, this standing desk chair has a very sturdy construction that will last you a long time. Its base is 13-layer solid plywood with two wheels attached at the front end to ensure better mobility. The chair folds down with the platform for easy storage.

The chair does, however, take up much space usually. Therefore, it is not recommended for offices with limited space. The best part of this chair is that it is suitable from heights 4’11 to 6’4. Most of its competitors are unsuitable for people with shorter heights. This solves that problem! The only downside we have to this product is that you cannot sit upright in this chair. You are always perched at an angle.

Boss Office Products DOT Drafting Stool


Pros Cons
Easy to move Uncomfortable for long hours
Adjustable foot ring Tricky to assemble
Good for short people

Boss Office Products is the industry leader in ergonomic office seating. Their products are designed for comfort, support, and durability. Featuring an adjustable seat height with a 6″ vertical height range, the Boss Office Products Drafting Stool is an excellent addition to any workplace. The dual-wheel casters make it easy to move around the office. The pneumatic gas lift allows you to easily adjust the height of this chair from 18″ – 24″.

Compared to other products on the market, this drafting stool is better for short to medium heights. Upholstered in breathable vibrant colored mesh, this chair will look great in your home or office! Moreover, it has an adjustable foot ring so your feet can rest easily on top. This drafting stool features a black nylon base with a wide variety of colors to fit the theme of any office.

Its seat has a width and depth of both 16 inches. The best part about this drafting stool is how little space it occupies, along with its mobility. You can easily keep it in cramped places and move it about whenever you want. This stool is not the cheapest, but it is pretty reasonable considering the features it offers when it comes to price.

Boss Office Drafting Chair


Pros Cons
Stable base Quite high
Easy to assemble Non-adjustable foot ring
Sturdy and well-built

The Boss Office Drafting Chair is a quality, professional-grade chair that provides exceptional comfort and support. The contoured back and seat help to relieve back strain by distributing weight evenly over the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment allows you to find the perfect fit for your body type and the height of your standing desk. Unlike most other competitors on the market, it has a 27″ nylon base for more excellent stability to prevent you from tipping over.

The hooded double wheel casters provide easy mobility around the office if you need to alternate between sitting and standing. Optional glides can be used in place of casters on carpeted surfaces. This chair has three different varieties available; one without armrests and 2 with different kinds of armrests.

This provides ultimate customizability for people with different preferences. The chair is also available in black, blue, burgundy, and grey color options. Moreover, your feet won’t be left dangling in the air due to the adjustable foot ring available. This chair also has a good 275 lbs weight capacity for heavier people. All in all, it is one of the best standing desk chairs

Factors to consider before buying a standing desk chair

After extensive evaluation of many different products, we have created a ranking system for the most essential characteristics in a stand-up desk chair. We evaluated these six categories to accurately represent what matters for everyone who wants to make this exciting purchase.


The quality of a standing desk chair is paramount. After all, it is going to be supporting you for your entire workday. It has to be durable and functional enough to provide you with the feeling of being comfortable.

Quality is a two-way street here because, for a greater price, you will get higher quality products; but at the same time, if you pay too much money, it might not be worth it in terms of value.

That brings us back to square one – how do we choose high-quality standing desk chairs? Some important things to look out for would be: Durable materials like metal and hard plastic, as opposed to cheaper plastic, will most probably be most durable. The base of the standing desk chair should more preferably be metal. The seat can be hard plastic, strong mesh, or rigid plastic.


This is a crucial factor when buying products you haven’t tried before. The warranty will give you peace of mind that your product will not fail you. And if it does, it is always possible to replace it. The warranty length should preferably be at least a few years.

Another way to think about a warranty is that it is a manufacturer’s confidence in his product. If a company offers a 5-year warranty, they will only do so when they believe that the chair will last longer than that. Some great options can provide a warranty of up to 10 years or even a lifetime!

Ergonomic features

An ergonomic standing desk chair is more comfortable than the regular sitting office chair because these are designed to give support and back pain relief. The seat properly aligns with the base of your spine, and you can sit upright comfortably. They also offer lumbar support, which alleviates pain from prolonged periods of sitting without proper posture and spinal alignment.

They might seem pricey, but it’s far cheaper in the long run; buying inferior quality products now will definitely affect your productivity since you would be thinking about your sore butt most of the time. So if possible, invest in an affordable yet good quality product. It’s better if you try considering a few brands as opposed to just one.

Seat Comfort

Seat comfort is a critical factor when it comes to standing desk chairs. Since you will spend most of your day perched up or leaned against this standing desk chair, it should have adequate padding in all the right places to guarantee that your muscles and bones are adequately supported during long hours of working on a computer or doing paperwork.

Typically, the seats on a standing desk chair are smaller, have little to no padding, and have weird shapes. None of these chairs will be as comfortable as a standard office chair, even with adequate padding. However, their comfort is a measure of how well they support you without your lower half feeling numb or in pain.


Desk chairs with prices that are within reach of an average budget can be bought from Amazon. They come with features like adjustable height, adjustable seat angle, and much more. Prices range from $90 to more than $200, based on a brand name, style selection, and durability. We will surely not want a cheap standing desk chair which is not durable enough. On the other hand, why waste money on something that gives you the same functionality and quality as something priced more reasonably?

Range of Motion

Many standing desk chairs offer some sort of movement or the other to promote activity. A range of motion provides you flexibility during work time and relieves pressure from certain parts of your body, which may be affected by constant seating for long hours.

It is excellent for activity too because some chairs tilt or wobble, making you more used to maintaining your balance. Others may bounce, increasing pressure on your calf muscles, and hence, increasing their strength. However, the most active chairs are also usually the least comfortable ones. Just keep in mind what you expect to get from your standing desk chair.


Standing desk chairs do not have as many adjustability options as normal ones. Despite this, some may have more adjustability than others. For example, some may tilt back and forth while others may only lean forward. Some chairs also have height adjustment, as well as recline angle adjustment.

Since standing desk chairs are meant for shorter uses (e.g., a few hours every day), adjustability is a low priority and not too dwelled upon. However, if you plan to stand all day, you need to make sure that they can move beyond their routine use. Below are some things I think you should consider when looking for a standing desk chair:

  • Tilt and/or reclining capability ·
  • A rocking feature (not found in most)
  • Height adjustability
  • Altering between perching and leaning positions

What you need to know before buying a standing desk chair

Standing desks and standing desk chairs may not be for everyone. They come with unprecedented challenges that we think everyone should be aware of.

May be hard to get used to

The transition from a standard chair to a standing desk chair is very uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor and ease into it. If you’re not ready for a standing desk, try sitting on exercise balls or perhaps using footstools to adjust your center of gravity. Do what you can to make the adjustment period as easy as possible because it will be enough of a pain without any added discomfort adorning in your body.

Basic mistakes like lack of proper posture can result in physical discomfort, and it’s hard to feel comfortable when your muscles are being used differently. In the first few days of using a standing desk, your muscles may feel very sore. This is a normal reaction to the changes in activity and posture. The best way to avoid physical discomfort is good preparation: Do some research into ergonomics, learn proper body mechanics, and set your expectations appropriately.

Sitting right on the edge of the standing desk chair seat can also take some time to get used to. Your hips and thighs may feel more numb than you are used to. The edge of the seat may also apply some pressure on your skin, making it feel like it’s digging in. However, all these sensations go away in about 2 to 3 weeks of usage.

Best suited as a complementary chair

Even if you are used to a standing desk chair, you probably shouldn’t expect to replace your standard chair completely. The best thing you can do is buy a portable standing desk chair. or an ergonomic drafting chair. From personal experience, any active standing desk chair will only be comfortable for about 2 hours at a time before your lower half starts feeling numb. After this, you should take a few hours on your regular ergonomic chair.

If you are used to sitting for extended periods, this will help reduce overall strain and fatigue on your body without compromising both comfort and activity. For this reason, it is crucial to either have two desk setups or a very portable standing desk chair that you can move around. A desk with an extensive adjustable height range is also an absolute necessity.

Footrest helps a lot

If you’re finding that your lower back is tense or painful, try rolling up a towel and placing it under your knees while you stand. This will take pressure off of your lower back. It may also help to use a footrest (a platform used for resting feet). This takes some pressure off your feet and makes standing much more comfortable.

However, keep in mind that using a footrest may encourage improper posture if you are not using it correctly; if possible, try not to rest your feet on the platform.

They affect productivity

Stand desk chairs will either cause your productivity to skyrocket or dampen, depending on the type of person you are. In most cases, it will make you more active and alert, leading to greater productivity. They will also allow you to move around more, which is a great way to keep your body from getting stiff or sore. This was especially true in my personal experience. I was already halfway to standing up, so I did not mind tasks where I had to walk around anymore. This led to me having a more active lifestyle at the workplace.

On the other hand, some people work best when they are comfortable. The pressure on your feet or the numbness of your hips may divert your focus and keep you from being at your maximum productivity. There is no telling how a standing desk and chair will affect you, but it is definitely worth it to try.

Other Types of Standing desk chairs

The most common type of standing desk chair mentioned in this article is leaning stools and active sitting chairs. However, we have also included many different types including drafting chairs. Let us look into them and some more types of options available for you.

Leaning stools:

This is by far the most popular type of standing desk chair. It allows your body to be in a perched or leaning position where you are neither fully standing nor fully seated. However, you are more towards the standing position than the seated one. The chair allows you to either lean against it and rest your back on it or sit on it slightly.

The chairs will have you keep your desk at a lower height than a normal standing position. They usually make your lower side go numb after an hour or two. The central pressure points with this chair are your calves, your lower back, and your feet.

Drafting chairs:

Drafting chairs are probably the most convenient. These are just like ordinary ergonomic office chairs but at a greater height. You need to take a step to climb on the chair and another one to climb back down. They will provide all the comfort and stability of an ordinary office chair. However, they defeat the purpose of having a standing desk in the first place. They may be practical if you alternate between standing and sitting throughout your whole workday.

Active sitting chair: 

Active sitting chairs are designed to follow the natural movements of your body. Some will vibrate slightly if you start slouching or leaning back too much. This is an excellent way to train yourself to maintain the correct posture and avoid any kind of pain in your back or joints. They usually do not have as much stability as typical office chairs, also not having back support or armrests. These are the second most popular standing desk chairs because they allow you to be active while sitting and standing both!

Stability ball

A stability ball may not be a great height for your standing desk, but it is an active chair option. It offers no stability or support, forcing you to rely on your core to stay upright. You can move side by side or up and down, throwing in a bit of workout as you sit and type away at your desk. It may be a good option if your standing desk has a good height adjustment range. In short, a stability ball is the most active option you will find on the market.

Kneeling chair:

Kneeling chairs are relatively new in the market. While they are not the most active option you can find, they will at least keep you from being completely sedentary. They also offer good posture and a solid foundation for standing desks. You may sacrifice some comfort over more extended periods of sitting as this is not typically a relaxing chair to sit in for hours on end.

You may also have to consider if your standing desk can get low enough for you to kneel comfortably while working on it. Kneeling desks cause central pressure on your calves and thighs and may irritate the skin on the leg, which is kept against the ground for a long. It is best to keep alternating your legs with this type of chair.

Standing all day is hard on the body, but people have been doing that since the beginning; we were always meant to be upright creatures!

What makes standing desks and chairs so challenging?

The feet are our primary stabilizers – they work with our core muscles to keep us balanced from head to toe.

Think of how our legs feel after a long, hard run or bike ride. They are tired, sore, and even swollen. Standing all day, your feet never get that chance to rest and recover. By the end of the workday, your legs may be exhausted from standing for hours with no support whatsoever.

Some people will try to solve the problem by elevating their feet on high platforms or pillows – this just takes away the much-needed foot support! All standing desk chairs have proper ergonomic footrests to keep you up off your feet while providing stability!


Standing desks are a hot topic these days. But, if you don’t want to stand all day or have the space for one, standing desk chairs can be just as effective at keeping your weight off of sensitive areas and helping you maintain an active lifestyle. At this point in time, there is no clear winner when it comes to which type of chair will give you the best results.

You might need to experiment with different types before deciding on what works best for your body and environment. We hope that our blog post has helped clarify some things about which factors should go into making the decision between buying a standing desk. We also reviewed some of the best options available on the market. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments section below!